CtrlAltKill: Bad Company 2 Beta Impressions

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is a game developed by DICE and published by EA games set to drop March 2, 2010 in North America and Europe. If you are unfamiliar with Battlefield, the series has put its stamp on the land, air, and sea warfare across ginormous maps. What's exciting about this new Battlefield game is that Bad Company 2 runs on its new Frostbite engine, which makes large scale destructible environments online possible. Destructible buildings were desperately missing from the series from when I played the old Battlefield games and now I have them.

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FourtyPoundSteak3106d ago

this beta is terrible. played... deleted. sry but id MUCH rather play MW2

Noctis Aftermath3106d ago

yes.. battlefield is terrible, damn it and it's somewhat realistic approach to warfare, why can't it be more like the auto-aiming grenade feast known as call of duty.


It's fine to state that you prefer one game over it, but in no way is this BETA terrible, go back to your so called "FPS".

AndrewE3106d ago

different strokes for different folk

life doomer3106d ago

one word, addicting. I'm trying to not play anymore so i couldn't spoil anything before the games release but i couldn't resist.