Aonuma: Topping Ocarina of Time will be "quite complicated"

Producer Eiji Aonuma talks about the challenges of creating a Zelda game better than Ocarina of Time.

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Valay3188d ago

Making a game better than Ocarina of Time will be difficult, especially since there is sentimental value attached to the game. However, hopefully the developers will mix up the formula in Zelda Wii like Aonuma said they would be a few days ago - That'll help the game stand out more than previous titles in the series.

Madusha3188d ago

Definitely will be “quite complicated”. Ocarina is a legend.

Battlefield3188d ago

"Topping Ocarina of Time" get real?

Bodyboarder_VGamer3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

The problem with newer Zeldas is that Nintendo's adding too many silly things.

For example the art style of Zelda wind waker. It was nice but not what people really wanted. Majora's Mask was too confusing and the moon or whatever had a really stupid face. Then Twilight Princess came and many people thought that it was going to be the first Zelda game to top Ocarina of Time but then Nintendo ruined it with the wolf, midna, the stupid story and the usual silly looking characters.

Watch 0:17

When I saw that teaser for the first time I almost faint. It was like: OMG! Nintendo finally nailed it! Am I dreaming?! A fuking Zelda game with such dark/serious atmosphere, no silly looking characters around and very focused in the action? No way! *on top of that, Nintendo finally using CGI? OMG! (remember that back in the day CGI was huge thanks to FFVII)

All that anticipation and excitement to then get our dreams shattered with the announcement of Wind Waker... At least we got Metroid Prime! It is practically impossible to make a kiddy version of a Metroid game without completely ruin the series.


Just by seeing this:

I can already smell the failure. Just look at the art. What do you see? I see some leftovers of art from Twilight Princes... And a new silly character of course.

Seriously, this is so depressing... Imagine that stupid sword following you around like Yorda in ICO...

This is why I jumped ship to Sony. Zelda was the only game that made me like Nintendo when everything changed after the Super Nintendo, and if they can't give me what I want then "F" it. I'm still in the fence, looking what will be next, I still have faith that someday Nintendo will craft the Zelda game I want to play. But with this newer Zelda they already started with the wrong foot.

ChickeyCantor3188d ago

" Nintendo finally using CGI? OMG! (remember that back in the day CGI was huge thanks to FFVII) "

Actually that wasn't CGI, it was a tech demo of what the GCN could render.

O and Wind waker rules, it has by far the best vibe a zelda game could have.( and yes the nobody really loved all that sailing).

" and if they can't give me what I want then "F" it"

Entitled much?

PirateThom3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

It's worse for me.

People drooling over Ocarina?

I never got it, that series never made the transition to 3D for me as well as it did for most people. Link to the Past will always be my favourite Zelda game with Ocarina being a good game that never reached the top down, 2D Zelda games on the NES and SNES.

I'm always very interested in the handheld Zelda games more than the console games, due entirely to the style.

PS. I hated the WindWaker style at first, but in retrospect, I quite like it now... I just hated all the sailing in the game, everything else was fine.

whothedog3188d ago

The SNES zelda and OOT are my favorite and its really a toss up between the two for me on which one comes out on top. I liked Wind Waker a lot but it was just way to easy, but I loved the art style of that and wish they would do another one like that for the Wii.

Alex_Mexico3188d ago

I aggree 100%

TP was for me the most hyped I had ever been for a single game since Super Mario 64 but, unlike SM64, TP was a big letdown.

The Zelda formula finally started to seem stale in my head, something I wouldnt dare to think about before, the game was easy as pie and predictable and I couldnt believe my ears they used midi for the soundtrack. It was almost like the music from TP could've been reproduced on an N64.

Hopefully Nintendo can deliver next time, somehow I doubt it though.
I'd love to be wrong and surprised if they really do something NEW and geared towards the hardcore fan. Casuals have their Wii Fits and NSMBs... make Zelda challenging again PLEASE!

Tony P3188d ago

"When I saw that teaser for the first time I almost faint. It was like: OMG! Nintendo finally nailed it! Am I dreaming?! A fuking Zelda game with such dark/serious atmosphere, no silly looking characters around and very focused in the action?"

There's your problem. Zelda was *never* dark or incredibly serious like a Shakespearian tragedy or something. Now that you're older and know the power of darker stories, you expect Macbeth from a series that's maintained its fame on a series of family consoles. It's unrealistic.

Redempteur3188d ago

IMO Oot is one of the games that managed to made a splendid transition between 2d to 3d. That alone is worthy of praise .

BUt Oot is not that has the best concentration of things to do by level.
The most sidequests and a level design that hasn't made any mistake.

So yeah Topping such a raw perfect game is quite complicated because they need to implement things ( AND Innovate ) while keeping a perfect balance ..It's almost impossible

And i also disagree TP was a very good game ... the only flaw was that it was too easy and too short IMO

When i play Oot i'm ready to spend at least 40 hours in it from start to finish and i know the game like the back of my hand ...

EvilTwin3188d ago

Trashing MM or TP isn't too constructive, IMO. They both have the best stories of any games in the LoZ series (and yes, they're both the darkest).

TP gets a lot of hate, but I don't quite understand why. It WAS a bit overrated with the scores it got, but it was still a good game. And Midna was the LEAST annoying sidekick in any 3D LoZ so far.

Just my $0.02.

Nac3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

What about that video makes you think it would be "dark"? Nintendo did make a darker more mature Zelda, it was called Majora's Mask.

Marceles3188d ago

Problem with the newer Zelda games is not much has changed other than making it 3D, but every game follows the LttP formula. Go collect some pendants/crystals...go to a dark world and collect more crystals, go collect something that'll break a barrier or unlock a passage into Ganon's hideout.

I liked OoT, but I wasn't into it as much as the hype for the game was. I mostly liked when I first used the boomerang, Epona, and when Link grows up. I really liked Wind Waker, that's the last Zelda that exceeded my expectations...mostly for the common reason of the art design since most people were expecting the more mature look after those screenshots, but they did a really good job on it. All of the other games had my expectations high but never really came up to it.

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ChickeyCantor3188d ago

OOT is already topped by Wind Waker, and all those who disagree, bite me >=D.

ReservoirDog3163188d ago

I wouldn't say topped. Though I will say that WW might have matched OoT's ending battle. Both were just about perfect. After a straightforward fight with Ganondorf you race down a collapsing caste only to find beast-like Ganon waiting for you. Sick.

Then WW's famous long final fight and the stab through the head. But WW had those (at times) boring sailing pieces. I'd say it's about one notch down from OoT though.

Bubbles for loving one of the controversial Zeldas though.

ChickeyCantor3188d ago

Sailing was indeed boring but also magical at the same time. Islands popping up and stuff...Therefor you used one of the themes to call a cyclone =D.

But just the whole feel of it, the characters, the movement, the sound.
If they do anothe Windwaker for consoles i think i will orgasm.
To this day Windwaker still looks awesomely great.

EvilTwin3188d ago

Windwaker definitely looks timeless. I think it would be unfortunate if we never see that art style on a console Zelda again, but at least we have the handheld games (PH was awesome sauce in my book).

Personally, I'm more of a TP fan. I think the game gets way more hell than it deserves. But that's the great thing about LoZ -- everyone has their own personal favorite. And every single console Zelda has been damn good.

What would really rock is if they find a middle ground between the "realistic" TP-esque look, and the WW-type cel shading. Prince of Persia did that "in between" ground wonderfully.

FreeWillow153188d ago

I dont know what Eiji Aonuma is talking about! ive been recently playing Ocarina of time on the virtual console and its still AMAZING. plus the game plays in 480p with widescreen ans looks awesome! but will be interesting to see how they are going to top it (if twilight princess already didnt?!)

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