Monopoly iPhone and iPod Touch Now Available

EA has today released Monopoly on the iPhone and the iPod Touch. The motion sensitivity is used effectively, when the iPod Touch / iPhone is shaken, it will roll the die and determine where your chosen 3D token will move. It's the original version of the game, just like the original Monopoly board game.


Some users have been saying this was released months ago. It was, but that was the 'here and now' edition. This is the original released yesterday by EA.

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Madusha3189d ago

Makes the game pretty fun, iPhone games are awesome. Takes the fun level up.

Battlefield3189d ago

Yeah iPhone / iPod touch games are great...but I just don't like monopoly.

Feral Gamer3189d ago

Technically an Android phone could work also with the accelerometer. My G1, for instance... I'm surprised it took so long for Monopoly to be released

Valay3189d ago

I have a soft spot for monopoly.

comm133189d ago

I have had this game for 6 months from EA

Late much?

Madusha3189d ago

That's the 'hear and now edition'. This normal/original was released today.

ThePostalDudeX3189d ago

Was just playing the game with a couple of friends today and MAN was it fun! Monopoly can turn brother against brother! When you get the two purples it's GAME OVER MAN!

danarc3188d ago

This has been out for ages =/