TV and PlayStation 3 Stolen from Home, Everything Else Untouched

An Athens women has reported on Sunday night, her house was robbed by two men who were spotted quickly leaving the scene at around 10 PM. She called the police and after a thorough check, it was noticed that nothing but a TV and a Playstation 3 was stolen from the home. The total value closing in at $1000.The robbers broke their way through the backdoor of the house.

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Madusha2944d ago

The robbers smash their way into the house and after all that work they decided to take only the most valuable item in the house - The PS3.

It only does everything.

Cyrax_872944d ago

...'cause I live in a bungalow and I rarely lock my door. I have a 42" plasma, a laptop, 2 electric guitars, a 320gb PS3, a 360, about 30 games and 200+ DVDs/Blu-rays.

Also there's nothing but a creek behind my back fence so if I'm robbed they could easily get away >_> Better start locking my door.

AKNAA2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

If however, the PS3 had a tracking device(hint,hint Sony) to detect the Location of the system where abouts which therefore comes to the capturing of the robbers... Then yes! It would do just about everything.

This story does make sense cause at my house the most expensive thing to take, aside from my dinner table and soft set is my 40" LCD TV and my PS3, which is obviously the easiest things to snatch...

Corepred42944d ago

we should hang out... where do you live? lol

Sarcasm2944d ago

It'd be hilarious to see an Xbox360 in it's replacement.

Guido2944d ago

It would be funny since it is the one console people would not steal. lol - Unless of course they needed to heat the house.

LukaX232944d ago

Talking about all the stuff you own on the internet doesn't help. Ever heard of something called a hacker?

ThanatosDMC2944d ago

They must have known she had one. Maybe look through the window? Where's that Texan old man that shoots neighbor's robbers for ya? He won the lawsuit, btw.

MAiKU2944d ago

I'm so glad i live far away from the ghetto... for now.

Saaking2944d ago

Thieves know they wanna get their troubles' worth. What better thing to steal than the machine that only does everything? :)

The_Devil_Hunter2943d ago

Pathetic..just in case you guys get robbed just call me @ 1-800-KICKASS..or email to [email protected] be happy to help. After all you guys are cyber family.

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Battlefield2944d ago

Lol, their only intention was to steal the PS3 and run it. ahahah great story.

killakam2944d ago

Did the xbox scare the thief away ?

Battlefield2944d ago

Lol, police say no xbox's were found on the scene.

theEnemy2944d ago

Probably still in the service center.

sikbeta2944d ago

"Did the xbox scare the thief away ?"

Thieve 1: Look... and xbox 360
Thieve 2: Leave that alone
Thieve 1: Why?
Thieve 2: It can explode in your face!
Thieve 1: oh... take the most precious thing in the house and run away
Thieve 2: yes, we never know when it can FIRE UP the house

Nathan1232944d ago

Probably some Xbot who couldn't stand the drought of games and finally cracked. Hunger of games can force you to do ridiculous things...

adasoo2944d ago

Lmao! Even hobos have 360's...the bot must have been dying from Microsoft feeding him with crap games. He couldn't take it anymore, finally cracked through his fanboyism and ran to the nearest house.

Madusha2944d ago

I was literally rolling on the floor reading the 2 comments above.

But, I'm not gonna be a part of the fanboyism

Obama2944d ago

but remember hobos only need the 360 to keep themselves warm. It's the winter you know.

Pirateogta2944d ago

The drought of games? Really? In just the last 2 months:

Halo 3: ODST, Forza Motorsport 3, Boderlands, Brutal Legend, GTA IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony, GTA: Episodes From Liberty City, Modern Warfare 2, Assassin's Creed 2, and Left 4 Dead 2.

Nathan1232944d ago

Hey Pirate..

1)ODST: Expansion that sucked
2)Flopza: GT wannabe, hyped and after launch no one talking about it sooo sad. T10 deserves it.
3)Borderlands: Multiplat
4)Brutal Legends: Multi-plat
5)Gay DLC: DLC/Expansion lol you compare this sh!t to games like UC2!!!!
6)MW2: Multi-plat that sucks donkey balls
7)AC2: Best MULTIPLAT this year.
8)L4D2: Multiplat that is nothing but an expansion.

So 1 exclusive, 1DLC, 1 Expansion, rest multiplats.... Wanna know what I played on my PS3??
1)Uncharted 2: Game of thi Gen Nuff said
2)Demon Souls: Best RPG this year
3)Infamous: Best superhero game.
4)R & C: Awesome platformer.
5)Killzone 2: Best FPS sh!ts on Halo and MW2.

Plus multi-plats like AC2, borderlands, RE5.... So now say who has had a drought for great games?

thawind2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

hahaha lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that's funny man seriously nathan123

MAiKU2944d ago

Because the bots can't afford a ps3? C'mon guys... it's cheaper now. You didn't have to steal.

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Valay2944d ago

Ouch. Must have been pretty terrible.

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