Is Modern Warfare 2 Really Over-hyped?

PS3Informer writes, "I enjoy a FPS and this one looked particularly good considering all of the hype leading up to its release, the heritage of the series and general pre-fight talk from the development team. Unfortunately, after playing a good bit of the game I have come away
slightly underwhelmed."

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swingingape3190d ago

hell yeah it's overhyped. and it's gonna shatter sales records too

tinman_licks3190d ago

Clearly, you have not played the game.

Madusha3190d ago

It was very very slightly overhpyed. The game wasn't too bad but the critics gave it perfect scores because of all the hype. Now we are starting to see a few lower, but still good scores.

Saaking3190d ago

Um, of COURSE it is. It's one of the most overhyped games in history.

CyberCam3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

IMO yes, (not saying I'm right or wrong) in my view there are other games out there that are more deserving of the praise that MW2 gets. MW2 is actually a very bad game for the industry... instead of innovating the genre, most devs (not all) will try to copy the success of the one trick pony of IW's masterpiece and we'll be stuck in a COD FPS game type rut for some years to come.

Gaming is supposed to move forward by a fairly good pace IMO and MW2 did move forward, but not by much. I do realize that it is a sequel but in terms of some other game sequels, it falls short on progress.

Please don't get me wrong, it is a good game, but not the second coming of JC that everyone (especially the gaming media) makes it out to be.

guitarded773190d ago

It probably recieved the most hype of any game ever.. so there is no way for it not to be a bit over-hyped. That said, it is a good game and the online offers sooo many hours of play that FPS fans can't go wrong.

DevastationEve3190d ago

Overhyped? Sure. Overrated? Nah, it deserves every credit it's been given. But that doesn't mean that it's the BEST FPS out there, it all comes down to preference. I know lots of COD players out there, but not everybody has to believe it's the best.

Hey, good or bad or whatever it's still going to set you back $59.99, so think about it a little if you're still on the fence.

badz1493190d ago

YES, it is over-hyped and for a mere 4H+ campaign, it's a bit over-rated as well! but why am I even bother answering and leave a comment? I don't know, it's kinda fun bashing MW2!

bumnut3190d ago

overhyped, but sadly if people keep waiting outside stores at midnight for mediocre games like mw2, the publishers will carry on releasing this crap every year.

Kassanova073190d ago

It is the most over hyped game in history, hence its sales. Hopefully Battlefield will sell half. I'm in beta and it PAWNS MW2.

BattleAxe3190d ago

The single player campaign is as great as the CoD4, the Spec Ops is pretty fun, but not as fun as Zombies and the multi player is the same as CoD4 with some add-ons. Still a great game, but nothing ground breaking.

I hope the next CoD uses a better engine as Killzone 2, Crysis and even Far Cry 2 look way better.

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thedukeofkna3190d ago

After playing the game on my friends 360, I think I'm correct in saying this game sucks fat donkey balls.

And on top of the crappy game, just the thought of putting more money in Bobby Kotick's pocket makes me want to hurl. It's cool to want to make more money, but to be a blatent ass hat about it is something else.


IT IS overhyped. It doesnt matter if it sells a billion. Its still an overhyped and overrated game. It doesnt deserves most of the scores it gets. Ohh and before you said I havent played the game, I have both versions the PS3 and 360. I believe the 360 version looks a tad better but overall is the same game. It looks more colorfull than COD 4, thats all. Also I believe thet the best FPS shoter of the year belongs to Killzone 2 as it is an overall better game, and I am a COD fan...but also a gamer. Its a shame Spike disnt nominated KZ2 as overal GOTY and yet they nominate games like LFD2. Well everyone get to your conclusion, disagree all that you want and take my bubbles as always. Its just my opinion and I know some people here cant stand that.


CyberCam3190d ago

Good post and I agree with you 100%!

Valay3190d ago

I would say that it is overhyped a bit.