KontrolFreek FPSFreek & SpeedFreek - PlayStation LifeStyle Review

PlayStation LifeStyle writes, "KontrolFreek is all about tweaking your gameplay and giving you an edge whether you play online of offline. A newcomer on the block, their initial products offer an alternative to the traditional controller configurations. Each product is geared toward delivering the most leverage and control. The FPSFreek and SpeedFreek are aptly named. Are these add-ons a revolution in gameplay or is it more of a gimmick?"

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Trexman892979d ago

id kinda like to try these out. i doubt id use them, but i might end up liking them

BigPete79782979d ago

I agree, I am definitely curious.

joemayo762979d ago

but t $18 a pop i doubt i ever will

dragunrising2979d ago

As an owner of both attachments I can say with confidence they are everything the review has described them to be.

The FPSfreek in particular has really helped up my game in first person shooters. The best way to describe the effect of the attachments is a big improvement in accuracy. Instead of auto aim doing most of the work, your able to line up the shots easier than before. The grip on the nub attachments is also very good. They should last a while. Best of all, you can use them for 360 and PS3 interchangeably (very good for me).

The Speed Freek is also very nice, although not my favorite of the pair. I found the plastic attachment a little cheap and a little too giving. My problem with them game play wise is that they are plastic without any kind of grip; they constantly slip. I haven't used SpeedFreek as much as FPSFreek, so perhaps I could get a little better with them. Nevertheless, they don't seem to be as good.

If you decide to get a pair, be patient with them. At first, you might hate how they feel. Give them a few hours and you will thank yourself. I use the FPSFreek for all game types and find that I don't want to play without them. The Freeks aren't going to turn a noob into a pro, but they give you an advantage you can feel.

ftwrthtx2979d ago

I definitely want to try these out.

Lifewish2979d ago

i have been meaning to give these a try

DoucheVader2979d ago

They are pretty well made actually.

unrealgamer582979d ago

you could get these or you could just practice until you don't need these

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