The fastest Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Speed Run LOL

When looking around Youtube I seen a video called Cod:MW2 Speed run *SPOILERS*. It is very fast speed run of the game and ...

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njr3131d ago

OMFG ahahahaha. They should call that Modern Warfare 3: Back to the Past.

LukaX233131d ago


Sarcasm3131d ago

lol that was MW3's single player.

MW4's single player, you press start at the menu screen and the credits roll.

Sk8boyP3131d ago

...cause that's comparable to the actual length of the game.

SolidAhmed3131d ago

who did approve this ??????????

Diamondwolf3131d ago

I LOL'ed, that was pretty sweet, I was expecting something else but very nicely done!

WARNING: Those who have not beaten the game yet will not understand the humor behind this video. So if you do not get it, it is because you haven't played it.

Would have been a lot funnier if there were throwing knives on the table!

AnttiApina3131d ago

Did you guys know that the same thing has been done in the GMan Squad, where a player shows his speed run of Half Life 2: Episode 2 :D?


wow this is almost as funny as's formums hha

vickers5003131d ago

Seriously, how did this sh*t get approved? Every time someone posts a funny video, the comments all say to take it to badjoystick, and the article gets reported and taken down. I guess this one is staying up because it's cool to hate on Call of Duty and spoil it for everyone.

rockleex3131d ago

But what about Zakarov? Or whatever the hell that Russian dude's name is.

I guess we'll get to kill him within the first 30 seconds of Modern Warfare 3.

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Megaton3132d ago

Haha, that's pretty clever, good job.

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The story is too old to be commented.