The Worst Video Game Movies


Hollywood seems to think that if it's good enough to be a video game, it's good enough to be a film. The rest of us beg to differ. Most video games simply don't have the mojo to make it as a movie, and weirdly, those that do (God of War, Halo) seem perpetually stuck in development limbo. Meanwhile, the following train wrecks get green-lit, which makes us see red. Roll film!

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Megaton3190d ago

Silent Hill does not belong on the same list as these turds. Fail article is fail.

Seven_ate_Nine3190d ago

Silent Hill was a great movie. The author didn't even fully explain why it was in the list. Just that it was confusing but had great visual effects.

I find it funny that Uwe Boll's got multiple movies in that list.

Timesplitter143189d ago

Yeah I enjoyed Silent Hill a lot. It's probably the best video game movie to date.

It's obvious you can't put everything in the movie. Give it a chance, damnit.

thedisagreefairy3189d ago

so they can shut the hell up.

the resident evil sequels need to b on that list

dragunrising3189d ago

I am embarrassed to say that I enjoyed the Super Mario Bros movie as a kid... Then again I was 8 at the time and was excited to be watching a PG (whoa!) movie :-p

I enjoyed Silent Hill. Looking forward to the sequel.

sikbeta3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

Silent Hill was pretty good, like a coherent alternative vision/story from the game, some parts were crap but overall was pretty enjoyable

You can expect a good adaptation when Uwe Boll direct them

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PirateThom3190d ago

I know some of these are terrible, but when I was a kid, I liked the Mario and Street Fighter movies.

I also felt Silent Hill was a decent film, if nothing but fan service in parts.

Somnipotent3189d ago

i too enjoyed mario brothers as a kid... AS A KID... watching it now would make my eyes melt out my head. street fighter... the only thing that movie had going for it was raul julia.

Timesplitter143189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

Whoever made the Mario movie was on crystal meth, but I enjoyed it too in a strange way.

Everything in this movie was just so.... filthy

Anorexorcist3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

Yeah its horrible. Yeah you should probably be doing something better with your time. Yeah you probably shouldn't be getting any enjoyment out of it But low and behold you still do.

"Are you telling us you can arrest a guy for being a plumber. Get Outta Here!!!!!" LOL! Fantabulously Bad!

plstcsldgr3189d ago

Hey hey hey Mario was awesome much better than anything on that list besides silent hill.

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Magnus3189d ago

I did not mind Wing Commander Silent Hill was alright but I thought Mortal Kombat 2 should have been on that list aswell with Doom. The first Mortal kombat was good but number 2 was a meh in my books.

Anorexorcist3189d ago

But God Damn that movie had SOOO Much Hype in the early 90's !

Everyone couldn't wait until Street Fighter came out, especially when word got out that Jean Claude Van Damme (You know, one of the great action guys of the 80's) was going to be in it.

I remember going to the theater on a Friday afternoon when the film opened and practically EVERYONE from my elementary school was at the theater packing it full waiting for Street Fighter.

SlaughterMeister3189d ago

I think people would have enjoyed it more if it actually had any STREET FIGHTING in it.


Grandreaper99993189d ago

Silent Hill was a great video game movie. The special features were also very fun to watch. I'm a huge fan of the original (JUST the original), and I still found it to be pretty good. I was SO impressed with the part where she runs through the alleyway, later being attacked by the ash babies. The camera angles are the exact same as the ones in the original game for that part too. That alone pretty much did it for me. Showed that they were paying some sort of attention to their source material.

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