Nvidia's Fermi at SC09

In case you do not know, Fermi is the code name for the next generation GPU from Nvidia. The Fermi chip consists of 3 Billion transistors and is manufactured at TSMC on a 40 nm process. By way of comparison, the previous generation of NVidia graphics cards was the GeForce 200 series. The GeForce 200 series consists of 1.4 billion transistors and is built on a 65nm process. Once can easily see that Fermi is more than twice the number of transistors of the previous generation.

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Nihilism3070d ago

Wow nvidia wasn't exaggerating, this gens tesla card is 6.2times as fast as the previous line. Imagine if the gaming cards showed this improvement *giggles*

GrandDragon3070d ago

Will the next Gen PS4 be superior to this?

Nihilism3070d ago

haha, no.

I think the ps4 will have a card similar to the ati 5770. Which is still in itself a 4x improvement over the current console GPU's. Not only the memory increase, but performace as well, the fact that it is also dx11 capable is ever better.

Vip3r3069d ago

Lmao. The PS4 will be way more powerful than the 5770.

champ213069d ago

ps4 wont be alot more powerful then the ps3.. if it ends up getting a larabee.

considering the losses made this gen.. larabee just might be it lol.

meetajhu3069d ago

For your kind info next PS4 will be atleast after 7years and they will probably use a GPU which is much much faster than Fermi. Just because PS3 has 7800GTX 512 given 256mb of VRAM. With a Geforce 7800GTX on a PC show me a game which is graphically superior to Resistance:Fall of Man(launch title). All you need to do is just imagine if they really had put a Geforce 9800GTX+ or 260 on a PS3 or 360 it will easily demolish any game released on PC even with DX11 card.

champ213069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )

ps3 runs mw2 @ 600p

i bet a 7900gtx could do the same.

now try push a 7900gtx to 1080p on most current games and watch it stutter. same happens with the ps3. which is why any good looking game on the ps3 doesnt do 1080p 7900gtx just cant handle it be it the pc versioni or the ps3 version its old hardware.

the only way they are making the consoles run current games is by lowering resolutions.

i just had a friend recently converted to pc gaming.. play mw2 on his 8800gtx... and he was telling me how much superior it looks to the 360 version. gpus on the consoles just are old and only way to get them to play anything recent is by cheating on resolutions.. SD ftw.

i dont think the ps4 will be 7 years away... at best 2013. by which timeframe fermi will be an obselte gpu.

Axcess3069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )

Then explain to me how the ps3 manages to play games like Uncharted 2 in full 1080p without stutter. That game is a graphical masterpiece and way better looking than MW2. Then again U2 is native 720p.

champ213069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )

uncharted is not 1080p

its 720p.

it gets scaled to 1080p by your tv.. its not truely rendered at 1080p by the ps3.. and look at all the jaggies uncharted 2 has when running on a 1080p tv showing ps3 hardly does any AA on it.

there are about 300 titles out ont he ps3 now.. only about 20 of them do 1080p. thats less then 10% and those titles dont really push the hardware to its limits.

if the gpu on the ps3 was so capable which it is not then all games would have been rendered @ 1080p fact is fact no matter how hard to accept.

OpenGL3069d ago

Uncharted 2 runs at 1280x720 with 2xAA.

STONEY43069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )

"With a Geforce 7800GTX on a PC show me a game which is graphically superior to Resistance:Fall of Man(launch title)."

I own a laptop with a 7900GS, which is basically equivalent to the desktop version of the 7800GTX. I put L4D2 on it so I could show my friend and it could run it at 1440x900 (higher than Resistance's 720p), and all settings maxed out except AA at around 50-60fps. And that game definitely looks better than Resistance.

raztad3069d ago

How this thread about the Nvidia Fermi ended up being a discussion about the PS4 and current PS3 games/capabilities?

This is lame. I sense a lot of insecurities around here.

STONEY43069d ago

It started with GrandDragon asking a dumb question.

Arnon3069d ago

"your dumb dumb dumb, your not a "console" fan at all, its easy as 1-2-3 to say your a fan of this but im not going to say so and so, ive stated that on several forums before its just another way to cover up that its not the truth, your saying the same technical mumbo jumbo over and over again and still not proving that crysis looks better in realtime and onscreen, oh well go play your overglorified pc its all washed up, you owned yourself

crysis nano suit is 70,000 polygons on screen in its cgi target render trailer, killzone 2s character models have millions of polys though, and the sad thing about pathetic crysis is it has 2 or 3 people on screen at once, so its easy for it to have 1,000,000 polys per character, anything less would be a shame for any platform, get over yourself, pc is ps3s whipping boy, your owned"

Don't you know? Killzone 2 has MILLIONS OF POLYGONS! PC games cant compete, duh.


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hoops3069d ago

"Will Fermi be faster in gaming that the ATI 5870? What about the 600 lb. gorilla from Intel called Larrabee? We do not know, for certain, yet. One thing is sure, it will be an interesting ride."

Man I love this competition!!!

hoops3069d ago

@ "1.3 - @1.2
Lmao. The PS4 will be way more powerful than the 5770."

Depends when the PS4 comes out and how long its been in manufacture state. Most likely it will be more powerful then the 5770. However by how much is speculation depending on when the PS4 comes out