VOTD: Back To The Future, Crysis Edition.

Anyway, today's video demonstrates just how awesome user created content can be (looking at you Infinity Ward) with the Back To The Future mod for Crysis. Available for download here, the mod revolves around the infamous time travelling machine, the DeLorean.

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George Sears3104d ago

Wow that mod is just too awesome and authentic. The exhaust release when the vehicle got cold was an awesome touch.

ChozenWoan3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

(Rolling On The Floor With Tears In My Eyes)

That was a good one... the ramp example just took the cake.

@Rumor Monger
oowh... ssssssihh.... oowh...

xTruthx3103d ago

lol that was rlly nice

Wile3103d ago


Great Scott! 1.21 Jigawatts!


What the hell is a jigawatt!

LOL! Cool.

hoops3103d ago

Why "look" at Infinity Ward. LOL
The Cryengine has no equal this generation for graphics/destructible environments in tandem...

evrfighter3103d ago

Because IW have come to support the anti-mod community....

Never knew one existed =\

oh wait...consolitus