Regulators In China Demanding More 'Culture' in Games. - Regulation conditions in China have always been quite uncertain in the gaming world. Though now, Chinese regulators are formally calling for less 'lowbrow' action in games such as the killing of monsters and for games to exhibit more cultural elements.

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RememberThe3573076d ago

There is a lot of Tibet in Uncharted 2, I don't think that is the type of culture they want.

Tibet is a separate country, GET OVER IT.

Bereaver3076d ago

Fact - 90% of chinese don't actually know what happened in Tibet.

Fact - 90% of the police are corrupt.

Fact - I'm living in Beijing and have lived in Shanghai for three years in the past and I can honestly say that the government will never understand anything unless someone makes them understand.

They don't see that, you shouldn't force people to be in culture, but give them a choice to carry it or not. That should be left up to the family.

Anyway, I guess it could be worse.