Microsoft: Give Thanks...for Xbox 360

Microsoft is getting us ready for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday with the myriad games we'll have to play and various activities we'll be able to participate in via the Xbox 360 console. This includes the social networks and media-delivery services added through the recent dashboard update, the relaunch of 1 vs. 100 Live starting tonight and assorted games that will be available over the next week and a half. We can also look forward to next week's Deal of the Week, which offers discounts on Fable II, Peggle and Death Tank (with the promise of a Sonic the following week).

What follows is the full text of the press release, so you can determine for yourself how you want to spend your holiday time.

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MGSR THE HD VERSION3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

XBL is about the best service around, and even sony knows it too....if they didn't they wouldn't be trying to make a premium online service to compete.

watch, sony's premium online service is going to flop, if they don't add online to the service people wont see a need for it, and so long as that happens it will never reach the success of xbl.

the XBL service isn't just no ordinary service it's a bundle, and now that sony stole this idea like all the other ideas they stole from other companies. (like the rumble controller and trophys) they now gotta be forced to out bundle XBL's service. (which they can't cause that would be a big contradiction of what they proclaimed their service use to be.)

Saaking3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

Enough with all this social crap, focus on the games.

They should add some sort of rental service (like some of you have suggested) for games. Make XBL Gold actually worth the money we pay for it. Perhaps allow Gold users to download a game from Games on Demand (one game out at a time) and let them play it until they please. Then they can return it (or deactivate or something) and change it for another. Something like that would be pretty cool and more than worth the 50 bucks a year. Of course, they'd also need to expand the Games on Demand section.

Parapraxis3133d ago

MGSR THE HD VERSION, you seem to be an expert.
What are the differences between PSN and XboX Live?

deadreckoning6663133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

"Enough with all this social crap, focus on the games."

Ummm..gaming is a social form of entertainment. BTW, lets get things straight:

1. Its not 50 bucks a year anymore its $40 now. Check Amazon.

2. $40 a YEAR. Are u kidding me? Thats like nothing.

2. For this 40 bucks(one payment in 365 days) u get faster downloads than PSN and a wider variety of music and movies.

3. Better community features, a party system, most people have mics, cross game chat and cross game invites.

4. More TV shows than PSN.

5. More stable online than PSN.

6. More people r on XBL than PSN.

7. U can watch movies with ur friends over the 360.

8. Custom soundtracks anytime online or off.

$40 a year for Live ISN'T THE PROBLEM. The problem is M$ making people pay 100 bucks for Wi-fi and overpriced memory cards when the PS3 uses a Sandisk or Memory Stick Pro Duo that can be bought on the cheap.

Madusha3133d ago

Agreed with Sakking, focus more on the gaming aspects. Like 99% of people only have gaming in mind when buying a 360.

A rental service would be awesome.

Eiffel3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

Only someone who doesn't have a job would complain about paying $40 for something that only charges once a YEAR. Try paying monthly share loans. Then have a reason to whine and piss your pants over.

How goes that paper route little boy?

Saaking3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

I know 50 bucks ain't that much but I could be using that money for a new game. I don't mind paying as long as get what I'm paying for and currently XBL is just not good enough to be a pay for service. That's why I'm saying MS should add some value. Like a rental service or something. either that, or make online gaming free and offer other stuff for a fee (like Sony is doing).

50 bucks is 50 bucks. Even if I had a ton of money, I'd still complain if I'm not getting my money's worth.

I know games is a form of social media, but you know what I mean. I want games, not facebook and twitter.

Noob3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

"$40 a YEAR. Are u kidding me? Thats like nothing."

$0 is nothing.

Oh, and this...

"Only someone who doesn't have a job would complain about paying $40 for something that only charges once a YEAR."

It's something to complain about if that person doesn't think it's justified. Who cares how much it is or how cheap it is to you, what matters is if that person thinks it's worth it. If that person doesn't think it is, then they have every right to complain.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

I would have to respectively disagree; I would rather not pay for a service which is essentially free on another platform with better quality games. For example Call of Duty Modern Warfare franchise (CODMF) is popular on XBOX Live, and is the exact same thing on PlayStation Network, what makes it so different?

- More people on XBL, I can always find a game in CODMF on my PSN?
- Cross game chat, ruins the whole point of the game, plus I can use the chat room system on my PS3 up to 16x3 (48 people at once) and not mute my teammates?

The list just goes on, but in the end what I bought the system for is there for free and then some. I haven’t yet seen a game as big as M.A.G. on the paying service like XBL, or as story driven as MGS4, or as customizable as LBP/UT3 on XBL. As with copying I would say Microsoft has borrowed more so than any other company combined.


1. XBOX 360 control is similar to the Dreamcast controller
2. XBOX 360 avatars is similar to Miis
3. XBOX 360 facebook (pay for mimic service) or PS3 Yellow Dog Linux (free for full service)

I’ll give XBL for the head start, but at this point in time everything they do now is either pointless or better on another platform; hence PC or PS3. XBOX 360 is for people in limbo between PC gaming and PS3 gaming?

Cenobia3133d ago

WTF are you talking about. If you have loans to pay then you should be b!tching about paying for things that you shouldn't have to.

"Why are you whining about taking it up the @ss? He's small so just tightly close your eyes and think about unicorns....wait not unicorns, anything but unicorns."

You have loans to pay so you have no problem giving out more money? Give me a break.

MGSR THE HD VERSION3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

"1. XBOX 360 control is similar to the Dreamcast controller"


on the center of 360's controller there's a menu button not a screen.

ok, now....where is ps3's?

oh, my, my's an other copy from an other company and they have the same functionality......but which one came first?

and (Saaking)

.......a game rental service?

your going to download 25 gb ps3 games to your HDD so you can TRY them out????????

lunk head!!!!

and of cores psn's new premium service will flop there won't be much of difference that you would rather switch to, come on think.

and besides this is xbox section you should be expecting these kind of comments. i'm mean you guys do it all the time in you guy's section.

frostypants3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

Right on man. What the HELL is Microsoft doing? Their Black Friday bundle at Wal-mart is a 360 with two Madagascar movies and the Madagascar game...they're focusing on social networking sites (um...I have a PC for that fellas)...what is this?!

I've always been a PS3 guy, but I picked up an Arcade to play MW2 with my 360 buddies. Still, I'm watching Microsoft do this stuff and wondering if they are intentionally going out of their way to destroy's as if they want to go toe-to-toe with Nintendo for the family market segment. Yeah, good luck with that...meanwhile, actual 360 gamers can only stand by and wonder what the hell is going on. But hey...another Halo next summer!!! (**head smack**)

This feels like the last gen, when Microsoft basically rolled over and died...

@1.8, I disagree with points #1 and #3, but #2 is dead on. The 360 avatars are stylistically a laughable rip-off of the ones on the Wii. Even the sounds/music are derivative of it. Why did they use kiddie avatars for a console with a demographic made up primarily of adult men?!

DevastationEve3133d ago

PS3 fans WILL complain about $40/year...


PS3 fans WON'T complain about a $600 launch console...

Think about it!

40/year for 5 years is 200, versus paying 2x more for your console than last gen at the same point in the console's lifetime. It's been 3 years and PS3 is NOW at the price PS2 launched at! (well the slim anyway). But it's dropped to being HALF of what it launched at in less than 3 years, which means it won't live any longer than PS2 did.

PirateThom3133d ago Show
saint_john_paul_ii3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

yea, wanna know why? its because the system came packed with everything right out the box, unlike assembling it like a MegaZord, which is what the 360 does with it's Arcade version, and of course its premium version.

hey im not going to lie, i pay for XBL Gold service, but its coming to the point where its becoming pointless to pay $50/year just to play online were i can play online for free on the PC and of course on the PS3, where their service are %99 similar to XBL's Service.

nix3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

"1. Its not 50 bucks a year anymore its $40 now. Check Amazon."
do you think that all 100% of people buys from Amazon? just because you do doesn't mean the whole world does. if everyone thought like you, then everyone would be buying a 360.

wow... i can't believe you came up with such a lame excuse. :0

MGSR THE HD VERSION3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

"Oh, does XBL also give you a Blu-ray player?"

more reason why netflix is a stupid idea for sony, more like an other stolen idea actually.

and now an online service that you pay...

.....after sony gamers have spent 3 years talking about their free service they now gotta say that they're willing to pay for this new one.

and yes, people like (PirateThom) will defend it....even for how hypocritical people like him have cursed the idea of renting movies and paying for an online experience....even more funny is that they are willing to pay for renting ps3 games online...

................even if these games are 25 gbs and above they'll still believe it's the right thing to have for an online gaming setup.

HammockGames3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

You do know that it doesn't cost extra to have Netflix on the PS3 if you're already a Netflix member, right? Whereas on the 360 you have to be a gold member to stream Netflix. So I don't think was a dumb move by Sony at all.

That was a big deal for me. I had only kept my XBL gold membership for Netflix streaming. Conveniently, my membership expired in early November, just in time for the PS3 announcement.

callahan093133d ago

"4. More TV shows than PSN."

I'd like to see some links to the number of episodes available on each. I tried to do a quick google search for each service and couldn't find the numbers. I vaguely recall seeing that it's like 20,000 episodes or so on PSN, but I can't remember the exact number nor can I remember where I saw that number. Do you have some links? Because the PSN has absolute TON of different shows and tons of episodes, I'd be surprised if XBL had more.

ThanatosDMC3133d ago

No wonder $100 Live is possible...

f7897903132d ago

If your competitor does something that everyone likes, YOU DO IT TOO! If it was an idea, it would have been patented!

ape0073132d ago

a year is almost nothing and hey it's 1 year +1 month

stop acting like fanboys

if you want to bash the 360 bash its failure rate,don't bash xbl,it's the best thing about it and the best online service no doubt free or not

get real guys

potenquatro3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

I complained alot when the ps3 debuted. I bought a ps3 and xbox day one. It's not a matter of being a fan, it's more like I had the money, I'm a gamer, I'm buying it. I coursed the living daylight out of Sony.

Now i'm complaining about LIVE. As soon as I saw the first update MS did to LIVE I knew Sony would have to charge. Now Sony charges but, their service has caught up. Not enough to charge $40 a year, but enough to make $40 a year for LIVE seem unreasonable. I don't have a problem paying for it, but I'm starting to have a hard time justifying it. LIVE should be $29.99 by now, and an avarege of $20-25 a year for console online services isn't bad economics imo.

BabyStomper50003132d ago

"2. $40 a YEAR. Are u kidding me? Thats like nothing."

NO. It's like $40 a year. $0.00 a year is like nothing, because it IS nothing.

sikbeta3132d ago

Microsoft you have to say THANKS to your supporters, b*tch!!!

The worst thing, xbox fanboys will defend this attitude

Deputydon3132d ago

Hmm. An OPTIONAL premium service that I don't have to pay, but many others will be happy to (regardless of what Sony adds to it). Sony gets more money while I don't have to pay an extra dime if I don't want to, while still being able to play online?

Blasphemy I tell you...

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Mista T3133d ago

anything that's free???

RockmanII73133d ago

Joyride should be coming out before christmas and it's free

Half-Mafia3133d ago

this title is misleading. i thought it was updates to the NXE not marketplace

ReBurn3133d ago

The title doesn't reference either NXE or the marketplace. Not sure how that could have confused you.

Mc Fadge3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

It's the reasoning. Every other platform offers online play for free, except for the 360. Put it this way, how about I charge you $10 a year to use controllers on your 360. What's that? You're complaining? But it's only 84 cents a month! Surely only someone without a job wouldn't be able to pay for that!

Saaking3133d ago

EXACTLY. Couldn't have put it better myself.

Bnet3433133d ago

No one wants to pay for Xbox Live. If you ask anyone on Xbox Live if they want it to be free, they would say yes. We only pay because we have to. I'm not going to sit here and justify the money but at the same time it's not like Xbox Live is sheer garbage, because it isn't and a lot of people here make it seem that way.

ReBurn3133d ago

You don't have to pay for Xbox Live. I don't pay for it and I'm perfectly happy.

People pay for it because they want it. That should be a good enough reason for anyone who asks.

-GametimeUK-3133d ago


proof is in the pudding

Saaking3133d ago

Enlighten us with this secret knowledge of yours. How exactly is XBL so much better than PSN?

Seven_ate_Nine3133d ago

Too bad that pudding tastes likes @ss...

poeo3132d ago

what game has over a million user-generated levels shared for free on XBL?

what game allows more than 250 simultaneous players on XBL?


ape0073132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

but xbl is better,because simply it give you better online experience,Xgamechat,parties,X game invites,deep player status system,tons of gamerpics

but I gotta say it,psn is unbelievable for free

I give psn 8.5

xbl 9.5

that's my view and if you don't care about these extra features,psn is better for you,I respect that

by the way I really hate the in-game xmb,don't know,it has that dead,lazy feel to it,it's almost depressing

BabyStomper50003132d ago

I respect your opinion Ape but I disagree. The only thing I really care about in an online service is being able to play against other people. Dedicated servers are sweet. 60 player Resistance 2 is intense to say the least.

bjornbear3132d ago

Can i download stuff from a store and play online games?


Do I want to pay for that?


Then to me PSN is perfect.

Trebius3132d ago

They dont answer, because they dont know why.

They just argue that it's better than PsN because they dont own Ps3s...they want to assure themselves that they're not wasting their money.

We on the other hand enjoy gaming for free...

Only a company like microsoft can charge people just to play online and get away with it...

because all these kids have no idea what the value of the dollar is...

Keep giving M$ your money, and you're even THANKING them for it, thats the sad part.

THANK you for taking my money M$!

This X-game chat is definitely worth it! Wow! Thank you M$!

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