Xbox Europe Blown Away By Reception Of Sky Player On Xbox 360 - Xbox Europe boss Neil Thompson has revealed just how blown away the team is by the reception of the Sky launch on Xbox 360. To say he's 'happy' would be a little understating...

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LastPlaceConsole2944d ago

That's such a great news

360 is going strong

Good job MS

Xeoset2944d ago

Got to love the 360. Nothing else comes close.

2944d ago
gaffyh2944d ago

@1.3 - It's the same person with multiple accounts.

Pennywise2944d ago

Do you usually talk to yourself?

silvacrest2944d ago

its really sad people feel the need to do that for such trivial things like games consoles

i honestly could not bring my self to do that unless i was getting paid...

LastPlaceConsole2944d ago

@ gaffyh

LOL multiple accounts...stop the lies

On topic please

Dread2944d ago

a guy says this is good for the xbox 360 and then all you say it is sad..

but of course you are the same people who come to defend Sony NO MATTER WHAT. and make all this media is biased bull EVER TIME their is an article with positive 360 news.. in fact you guys are so out of it that even when a sony game is praised by all, you are still pist because it is not enough (E.G. all the sony fantards bi#$ching about UC2 getting 9.5 instead of 10)

you talk like if you were so superior and smart about the fact you own a playstation.. wow.. yet you also paint yourselves as victims.

it is truly amazing, and perhaps even sad

Bilbo652944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

Lol this kid is a complete troll and has been caught replying to his own comments before.

Not sure if your talking about the deleted 1.2 comment but i see nothing bashing the 360 in any of the replys to this comment, your getting worked up over nothing.

They are talking about him commenting to himself, and that is sad.

Xeoset2944d ago

Aha, I'm sorry, but you're just fooling yourself. At least look at the track record of comments.

And to those that disagreed: why? Are you that far in denial you cannot realise that live offers more of an amazing service as both a media hub and games provider? The Sky implementation and the likes of Primetime! continue to bash Sony's PSN as they play catch up.

This is another example of companies realising the power of online services, just like they're realising the the potential of Natal.

ThanatosDMC2943d ago

Wasnt there an article a few weeks ago that Sky is thinking of going ot the PS3 too? What's there to celebrate? Look at Netflix, Facebook/Twitter, Braid, etc.

Karum2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

They did say they may bring it to the PS3.

Sky also just launched an app that allows you to watch live Sky TV on the iPhone aswell. Sky will bring the Sky Player to any platform they think will give them exposure and revenue.

After all, the company is owned by Rupert Murdoch who is a major part of News Corp, one of the largest media conglomerate's in the world.

Sky Player will eventually make it's way to PSN imo but for current 360 owners and gold members it is a pretty nice app to have, my only criticism of LIVE is that they are making you pay them an annual fee for services you can access for free on other platforms such as PS3 and PC.

I have a Sky+ HD box though so accessing Sky Player on any platform holds no interest for me.

Trebius2943d ago

Figures you'd be the first to post on this.

Are you getting a bonus from Microsoft for their little spark of hope in Europe?


Not even a little bit?

Not even a free year of Live?


Jeez...your comment history almost made me think you work for them...if you're not getting any kickback for all the time you spend praising them i feel bad for you...

Dont worship false idols, thats a 1-way ticket to hell ;)

DelbertGrady2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

It's not allowed to say positive things about the 360 on here. Sony only. Thought you knew.

I also think the Sky Channel streaming sounds cool but I won't say anything cause then the jealous trolls will bash me for it.

AAACE52943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

Be careful with your words, you do realize you just said the Super Nintendo is better than all three current gen consoles!

@Volcane... You do realize that MS and Sony's main focus with these consoles was to make them an all in one device that replaces alot of the stuff in your living room.

I don't know if you remember, but last gen, Sony tried to do a set top box that you could play ps2 games on, watch dvd's, surf the internet, etc. and tried to sell it for $1000. Unfortunately, it didn't catch on. So Sony added more internal power, blutooth, wifi, blu-ray and called it the Playstation 3!

That's not fanboyism, that is truth, don't believe me look!

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skapunkmetalskater2944d ago

It is awesome, just needs more free streaming TV channels

Bigpappy2944d ago

Congrats! I must say I am envious of you guys. Last FM is cool. But, I am sure I wold have preferred SKY. Maybe later M$ can get us some thing like that in the U.S.

cliffbo2944d ago

you still have to subscribe to sky to receive it!

coolfool2943d ago

there's on ps3? I really haven't been keeping up.....

life doomer2944d ago

wow i never noticed that she was that tall, i could've swear she was a bit smaller.

iMad2944d ago

It just the same type article Sony employees post here with titles like: "Amazing new screens of Uncharted 2" and so on....

xcox2942d ago

that's some lame ass comparison, i pity you xb!tch

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