Judge Fakes Sickness To Play Modern Warfare 2 - A 48 year old district judge at a county court in the UK has admitted having an all night session with Modern Warfare 2 on day of release and being so tired the next day, he feigned illness, thereby delaying a pending trial.

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Delta3107d ago

MW2 is just that Awesome ;P

Dang, i wonder whats gonna happen in March?????


Madusha3107d ago

Lol! Pretty funny story. Playing all day?

tman6923107d ago

Old people can have their fun too. Lol

El_Colombiano3107d ago

yeah with a little viagra!

Saaking3107d ago

haha, that's pretty funny. The trial can wait, games come first!

IcyJoker1873107d ago

Could have picked a better game to skip work for at least.

Chubear3107d ago

Old people?.. He's frikgen 48 not 80 lol

The Great Melon3107d ago

Old in the gaming world. How many 80 year olds are out there playing MW 2?

George Sears3107d ago

Maybe not MW2 but WaW remembering the good old days when they had to kill there mates when they turned into zombies.

Nihilism3107d ago

I could excuse him for having the day off to put another 12 hours of solid grind into dragon age, but not mw2

ia_studio3107d ago


It only does everything, even stop justice from being executed.

ElMotita3107d ago

Probably nothing in March if your reffering to Bad Company, the Beta is boring. Then again it's a Beta lol. It will probably be great we will see.

MagicAccent3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

I'll show this article to the next person who claims games are for kids.
Hmm, on second though... maybe not.

Also, I wonder what his username is :P

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Sk8boyP3107d ago

I wonder what he'll do when a GOOD game comes out?

3107d ago
Anorexorcist3107d ago

It's good to hear that videogames are enough of a viable entertainment medium to even hook in and make major law authority figures do ridiculous things to play.

Morph the establishment from within! That is the plan of action to victory.

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The story is too old to be commented.