VGC: God of War 3 Demo Impression

VGC writes: "Through some good fortune I have recently been given a code for the God of War 3 demo, available when you purchase the God of War Collection, so I figured I would write a short impression about how I felt the game lives up to its predecessors with what we have so far.

The demo cuts right to the chase and there is no story element present. You are the mighty Kratos and you are currently trying to catch up to and presumably kill the god Helios. You kill anyone in your way regardless of if they are armed or not and sound very angry while doing so."

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Jerk1203165d ago


Same crappy repetitive gameplay, and Ps2 graphics.

Nambassa3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

Are you serious??
"ps2 graphics"
I thought they looked amazing on my HD TV and remember mate, this build was from June this year. Its probably improved a lot since this time.

callahan093164d ago

Sleipnir fails. PS2 graphics my ass.

spongeboob3164d ago

If the GOW3 demo looks like PS2 graphics then every single Xbox360 game out and coming out looks like Atari 2600 graphics. Your a tool and a Moron and have no clue what you are talking about, now go back under your bridge troll.

nycredude3164d ago

hahaha Gow 1 and 2 collection looks better than most games I have on my 360! Try again tool! I swear the textures look as good if not better than Gears.

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Nambassa3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

I absolutely loved the demo. I've played it about 1000 times. Its just so much fun!
Edit: lol @ the disagree. Remember guys, this is my opinion. You can't disagree with the fact that I'm having a blast with the demo.

Cajun Chicken3164d ago

It's awesome. Not a patch on Uncharted 2 though.

sikbeta3164d ago

Just PERFECT, everything that anyone is expecting but like 10000% better

Saaking3164d ago


They disagree becuase either

1. They're fanboys


2. they're not having fun with the demo like you are.

Anyways, I really wanna get the God of War collection. Hopefully things go my way and I'll get it soon.

-GametimeUK-3164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

GodOW3 looks decent...

But people one here complained about Halo3, Resi5 and Gears2 playing like their previous installments... GodOW3 looks like the exact same gameplay from a generation ago just in HD... So I guess people here wont like it so its a shame

GodOW2.5 incoming

badz1493164d ago

I think people disagree with the fact that you've played the demo about 1000 times. I might put the disagree as well for that but I won't because I haven't got the demo because I still have not get my copy yet! (damn it ebay!) I might ended up playing it 1000x too! :)


you're acting like a stupid douchebag and are doing very good at it!

tripewire3164d ago

Some one wanna school this fool on what GOW and GeOW stand for?

Kratos IS "GOW".

Marcus wants to fight him for that title, hell he can be my guest. Im just gonna go put some plastic down. Helps with the clean up.

AKNAA3164d ago

"But people one here complained about Halo3, Resi5 and Gears2 playing like their previous installments... GodOW3 looks like the exact same gameplay from a generation ago just in HD... So I guess people here wont like it so its a shame "

I don't think you really understand the overall point. Those games that you mentioned are all Good games, even if they have the same overall gameplay mechanic and I won't disagree with the high scores they got... However, when reviewers give those games high scores for the same'ol same, just with slightly better graphics, but then go off complaining how PS3 exclusives such as R&C:ACIT or Uncharted 2 for example do nothing new and plays it safe with the same gameplay formula, then deducting points for it, then yes! that becomes an issue...

So really, we're not complaining about same'ol gameplay cause thats what made the game a success in the first place, we're complaining about why certain games get away with it while others(PS3 exclusives) get bashed for being unoriginal?!?!

Jaces3164d ago

The demo was amazing. The one thing that really stood out were the visuals, it feels so good to get out of the PS2 era of GoW and into the HD PS3.

This is a game that has a formula that needs not change, they simply improved upon it with a few quirks and new moves. Just enough for a fresh feel to it.

March cannot get here soon enough!

nycredude3164d ago

Yeah, except GOW 1 and 2 is like 10x times better than Halo 3, Res 5, gears 2. I'll take a GOW game over those crap games any time, except I liked Res 5.

Desclaimer: BTW I have Halo 3 and Gears 2, they are overhyped.

And besides when does some people on N4g and several reviewer start representing the entire gaming population. I for one don't mind more of the same as long as it's as epic and great as Gow are. May be you should go buy the GOW Collection to see how much better they are than most games out now!

raztad3164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )


You are totally missing the point.

The people b!tching about games not having "teh innovationz" are EDGE (worthless), Eurogamer, gametrailers and some others "reviewers" when game happen to be a PS3 exclusive and then 2 points are knock down in the final score.

Meanwhile, Gears2 got 9, MW2 9, ODST 9, L4D2 9 (bringing nothing new to the table) from those very same sites. Do you see the point now?

That said, GoW3 is incredible. This is quite an old demo and it blew me away. So brutal and visceral. Visuals are outstanding and they will be even better in the complete version. Cant wait.


One of my favorite games on the PS2 was RES4. What a good game. I was interested in RES5 but the tacked on coop on the main campaign turned me off. I should give the game a second try, later.

Nambassa3164d ago

Yeah good point maybe I exaggerated a little bit... lol but I know I've played it at least 25 times. Maybe not 1000 but still quite a lot considering it's a lengthly demo.

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DonCorneo3164d ago

it was called ODST and it looked like a game from 2007... wha wha what? that's a new game, you said.

this game is miles better looking than the ps2 gow back in 2007.

Saaking3164d ago

But when you take into account that fact that UC1 was released in 2007, doesn't it make ODST look like a game from way before 2007?

theDutchFella3164d ago

both have excellent points.

Agheil3164d ago

I played the demo like 25 times now, its so good

clarkdef3164d ago

demo is really good, I love the fixed cam feels good after playing wolverine :p

I live in new zealand and they have not said anything on the release of the GoWC. I dont really want to order online but I may have too :\

Digitaldude3164d ago

Im from NZ as well. Its not in stores yet even if it does come, itll be next year, only place is to get them online.

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