Infinity Ward Beaten At Their Own Game

BeefJack writes: "For anyone that owns Modern Warfare 2, it's likely that it might not have left your disk tray since you purchased it. You'll have either been completing the story and then replaying on Veteran, buddying up to play Spec Ops, engaging in the multiplier or continuously playing through one of the tutorial levels."

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Nambassa3188d ago

OMG a whole 10th of a second later!!? This is news??
Still, congrats to the guy who achieved this.

Chubear3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

I thought it going to be like when Sony's SOE team HAMMERED Valve 10-0 in TF2. This is more like beating the developers time in Motorstorm:PR

Tony999Montana3188d ago

Whoever wrote the article really did his research.. That was on the first page of youtube results.

likedamaster3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )


And that was with a 360 controller and not on PC! Impressive indeed. Fastest time is 15:35, again done with a 360 controller.

tman6923188d ago

Not the fastest for spec ops this is single player. He got about 25 seconds going through. The accuracy bonus brought him down which is not his actual time. 22 seconds is still the time to beat. Forget accuracy bonus.

Madusha3188d ago

Misleading title but an impressive record that's worth watching.

@Tony999: Check the vid, that guy actually takes over 23 seconds or something to finish, not 17.

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MysticStrummer3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

Who hasn't had five hours to complete that sad excuse for a single player campaign? I didn't buy MW2, and won't, but a friend of mine did. He spends more time on Borderlands.

CommonCent3188d ago

Oh come on.... the story was actually better than most movies that came out this crappy year.

tdrules3188d ago

its a very dramatic and gripping story, I prefer that over a game that has big gaps between fun.
borderlands is cool though

Panthers3188d ago

Well I havent played MW2 yet, but this year was an amazing year for movies. Star Trek blew me away. District 9 was amazing. There were so many freaking good movies this year.

TheIneffableBob3188d ago


Dude, Modern Warfare 2's story was horrific. And I really do mean horrific. They basically thought up some cool scenarios, created a story around those, then chopped it up to fit in a 5 hour campaign.

Baka-akaB3188d ago

@Tw1st3d Fate

Are you serious ? The story is transformer level . Wich i dont mind as it's meant to be a non stop action flick equivalent . Actually what bothers me is when those stories tries so hard to be deep , and obviously falls flat , wich sometimes cod and other , tries to do .

RememberThe3573188d ago

See what you did wrong right there was you said something good about MW2. Everyone on N4G is on the "I hate MW2" bandwagon, so you can't say anything good about the game and expect to keep your bubbles.

Ace Killa 083188d ago

what people need to avoid is the hours of campaign, i spent 6 or 7 hours on the story, and i was still amazed by it. the only part that baffled me was when the captain sent of the missle (tryin to avoid a spoiler for some) thats bout it. now if you want games that has a lot of hours pick up Fallout, Dragon Age, and such.

COD was never a decent game to play for a long story, good story yes, but long no

aaronisbla3188d ago

seriously, the amount of fanboys that hate on this game simply because its MW2 is baffling. I'm not saying all of you here are hating without playing it, but i bet quite a few of you haven't even tried to play it and already judged it.

I'm in no way a huge fan of Activision so its not like im defending them. But im not gonna pass up on a game i happen to like a lot simply cuz Activision's name is on it.

The game is great, and is pretty equal on either console. Sad that people wont give it a chance

Bnet3433187d ago

I still haven't beaten yet. It's hard on Veteran, I doubt anyone can beat the game on Vet under 5. I thought the cutscenes were great. The 2nd and 3rd missions are awesome. Cliffhanger + the Airport scene one.

Don_Frappucino3187d ago

The story telling part wasn't that good. SP just seemed to be a mish-mash of missions rather than a story. The missions themselves were quite good, but the way they were strung together was weak.

No where near as good as COD4s story

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Ace Killa 083188d ago

the title is misleading, if so then i beat IW in COD4 in the same tutorial level.

i was expecting a snap shot of game with devs, and the gamer beat IW.

hassi943188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

That's not so amazing... On Call of Duty 4, IW's best time on F.N.G. was 15.1 but me and a friend eventually got down to 13.06

Plenty of other people beat IW times too - this is not article worthy...

EDIT: BTW I didn't mean to specifically reply to Post #3 - I meant to just reply to the article ;-)

PotNoodle3188d ago

The whole point of putting dev times in there is for people to beat them, why is this news?

Max Power3188d ago

its like Beat Zico in Wipeout HD.

dragonelite3188d ago

i beat IW time in breach and clear

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