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By the way bots what they mean by 'More exposure' is to make a film of the game.

So NO it's not coming to the Sh1tBOX-3-Sh1ty.

Now go to sleep and make sure the bed bugs bite you to death.

Aquarius3157d ago

no need to milk it we have plenty more franchises *cough* HALO *cough*

TOO PAWNED3157d ago

yup i agree. btw i finished ACID today, great game.

BlackIceJoe3157d ago

I came in here to comment about the same thing. I think Sony Pictures Animation has the right stuff to make a great Ratchet & Clank movie. I really wish Sony would make a new Movie division that would work on getting there games turned into movies. Like How Warner Brothers just made DC Entertainment that will work on getting DC comics turned into films. So if Sony could do some thing like that. I think that would be really cool. I for one could see R&C being a really great PG film. Plus Sony has so many other video games that would turn out to be awesome films too. So Sony is sitting on a gold mine that is just waiting to be dug up.

SullyDrake3157d ago

It's pretty obvious if you played ACIT. The ending leaves it wide open for one final game.

Aquarius3157d ago (Edited 3157d ago )

Insomniac said themselves ACIT is the last in the future trilogy.

Obviously, indirectly they meant its the last R&C.

Its also pretty obvious if you've completed the game ( without spoiling it ) most plotholes were closed up so no its not been left wide open.

baum3157d ago

I wanna see them create new IP

Saaking3157d ago

Yea, and look how spyro ended up. If they aren't gonna do any games just keep it and don't do anymore. Selling it is the last thing they could possibly do.

SullyDrake3157d ago


There is still the entire clan of Lombax refugees to discover. Clank decided not to settle down with his family until Ratchet finds his. The single Lombax finding the remaining Lombaxes and finding his home. Now THAT is a complete story. That is what I believe will happen and why I so firmly believe that there will be a third R&CF.

You said ACIT is the final in the "trilogy", but you forget that QFB is just R&C:QFB, not R&CF:QFB. Even Kojima said MGS4 was the last, yet here we are waiting for Peace Walker and Rising.

Insomniac tied up enough of the R&C story to leave it be, but also allowed for the possibility of the most powerful story to finish off the series, Ratchet finding his family. If sales continue the way they are, 2011 will see the true, grand finale of R&C.

Aquarius3157d ago (Edited 3157d ago )

QFB is a spin-off that's all it is. It was never meant to be a sequel.

Just used to show that PSN isn't just used for small games IIRC.

On the other hand; I'll rather them make an RPG with that engine.

Arnon3157d ago

ACIT IS the third Future game. Honestly, I kind of want something new from them. I didn't find Resistance 2 to be that great, and while R&C is a good series, I need a break from it.

colonel1793157d ago

Quest for Booty IS from the futur saga, the complete name is Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty, and it is NOT a spin-off, it takes place right after Tools of Destruction in the quest to finding a lead to where Clank is and who took him. It is supposed to "tie" TOD with ACIT, and if you played ACIT, there are some from QFB.

zane_78493157d ago

There will def be more Ratchet and Clank games in the future. Just (and no pun intended) not in the Future series of games, so it looks like this is the last of the main line Ratchet games on PS3. The games still sell well, and they left a lot of open space to be covered in regards to story.

I think what they meant by expanding the series to a larger audience, mass market, is things like the upcoming action figure line coming out. I could see them making a comic tie in series, or cartoon series based on the characters very easily. Or maybe that new third branch of Insomniac developers are working on a CG movie like suggested earlier.

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spunnups3157d ago

I love the series but I wish they would bring back online multiplayer and maybe some sort of coop mode. I have purchased every game in the series since it debuted except ACIT, which I will get for Xmas. My money went to demon's souls and Uncharted 2 at the time.

Cajun Chicken3157d ago

I want that too, a lot of people like me didn't have a chance to try the PS2 online. Seems a shame when everything's there already set up, Insomniac don't bother using it. I'd really like Ratchet MP/Co-op. Nearest I got was Gladiatior splitscreen which was a pretty awesome experience.

Fatal Blow3157d ago

I agree with u on that a movie will be funny as hell

MajestieBeast3157d ago

Movie would be nice needs lots of quark though.

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