Age of Conan Update Released

Funcom has released a new update for its MMORPG Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures, now available for download.

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ThePostalDudeX3190d ago

Glad to hear it Funcom! They are really on the roll with patches!

Tapewurm3190d ago

I am thinking of resubing to this game. I played a ranger to level 63 after the game launched and was very impressed with the games graphics and gameplay, but had a hard time finding quality groups to get quests done. Anyone care to comment on how the single player quests and content may have changed since then?

ThePostalDudeX3190d ago

Well in the way of finding's still a pain in the ass, but overall all the big bugs are gone but of course there are smaller ones, Dx10 is up and running smoothly but it's still test so don't expect a monster performance in DX10. Honestly take the "2 week reevaluation trial" you will have to put in a credit card but it won't charge till after 2 weeks. Plenty of time to see if you think the game needs more time.

DirtyLary3190d ago

Where is our console version? Patiently waiting an eternity.