Bungie's First PS3 Game To Debut In 2010 HipHopGamerShow 11/22/09

1. Tony Hawk Guest Stars On The HipHopGamerShow
2. DJ Hero 2 Expands With Natal
3. Tony Hawk Ride Special Demonstration
4. HipHopRss – 50 Cent VS Jay-Z

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3073d ago

What a crappy show.Where is the Sir Ken Kutaragi show when you need it?

Unbiased 100% news straight from Kutaragi

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3073d ago (Edited 3073d ago )

Er if i have any Bubbles left when that day comes!!! ;-D

+ "Bungies First PS3 Game To Debut In 2010"???
Hmm...No PS3 owners care really!!! ;-D

We have enough 'AAA' Game Developers for the PS3 thanks;)

i.e the makers of - Uncharted, KillZone, GT, LBP, R&C, MotorStorm, Heavy Rain, God of War, Demon's Souls, The Last Guardian, inFamous, MAG, WarHawk... + So Many more...

BRING ON 2010!! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! ;-P

Jerk1203073d ago

Normal people, like me, have the pornography channels.

But people like, Shushei Yoshida, have the Sir Ken Kutaragi show.

Hellsvacancy3072d ago

"Normal" people like me, Sir Ken and Lord Shuhei hav girlfriends and dont really hav much need 4 porn


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deadreckoning6663073d ago (Edited 3073d ago )

Don't know why people are laughing at this? When Bungie DOES officially announce this next year everyones gunna be like OMG. Then HiphopGamer ill come out with this vid again and SMASH everyone LOL.
I don't care if his titles are flaimebait sometimes, this guy is a INDUSTRY INSIDER and knows a helluva lot more than me or any of you regarding gaming journalism..FACT

sabestar3073d ago

Damn, he actually got Tony Hawk on the show, wow.
Quite surprised he has become this popular. lol

gintoki7773073d ago

its funny because it will never be true =)

why does he even bother =(

Jamegohanssj53073d ago

I lol'ed at the title, then I lol'ed because I'm pretty sure next week he'll review Tony Hawk's ride and give it a 9/10.


baum3073d ago

Hopefully it won't be a generic FPS

THE MAX SPEED 213073d ago

LAWLZ! hiphop gamer always coming @ us with that BS.

Only thing I like about him is that He bangs with the 5

Budg3tG4m3r3073d ago (Edited 3073d ago )

You guys above... Who is HipHopGamer? I never heard of him before N4G and everyone here seems to hate him. Is he one of those guys that seem to make a bunch of crap up to get site hits? I have read like 4 or 5 articles from him now and they all seem, meh...

waltercross3073d ago

HipHopGamer is someone who has more connections then the average Joe
and if he says anything bad about your system of choice or game
of choice he is hated, otherwise he is worshipped.

RockmanII73073d ago (Edited 3073d ago )

Yea, he knows SOOO much. Like how their was a Splinter Cell Conviction demo with Assassins Creed 2.

- Edit -

Insomniac goes multiplatform = isn't REAL news
Bungie goes multiplatform = True

Tell me that doesn't sound like a fanboy.

morganfell3073d ago

Just stop it. You are not a rapper, a hip hop artist or a game industry journalist. Fake accounts and a handful of associates that ram these ridiculous stories down N4G's throat are absurd, unwanted and an embarrassment to common sense.

Persistantthug3073d ago

I'm laughing like crazy pretty know why?

Because this is gonna get HHG 1000 degrees EASY.

I love how HHG single handedly turns all of you into suckers every single Sunday. I love it.

Some of you even have deluded yourselves into believing that by not visiting his site, yet taking the time to vehemently profess your disdain towards him, thereby increasing his N4g popularity, you have somehow managed to "stick it to him".

LOL...This title's a winner.

America's great.

God Bless Hip Hop Gamer too.

presto7173073d ago

Even though your titles might be flamebait sometimes,

I give you props. Major props.

Chubear3073d ago (Edited 3073d ago )

It's that time of the week. Wooot! XD... I see the haters are the first ones commenting as usual.. every bloody week lol. You'd think they'd get it by now after over 2 years.

HHGS comes out on Sundays and it's usually announced on N4G. Stop pretending you didn't know it was the HHGS, you were "fooled" but you didn't watch it.

Just watch and enjoy... or gtfo & stfu. Wooooot! XD

Timesplitter143073d ago (Edited 3073d ago )

what a comedian

Can somebody point me out where in the video he provides evidence of this?

whothedog3073d ago (Edited 3073d ago )

Aw sh*t, good show Hiphop but you know that Tony Hawk game is garbage. I wouldn't mind seeing a Bungie title on the PS3, as long as it's not Halo haha, I'm just poking fun. Good show with counterpoint too. Also if you wanna lose in some BF:BC2 you know where to find me.

sikbeta3073d ago


This is more like a HUGE MAYBE in the best case, but is not even close to a FACT

He has connections in the gaming media and stuff, but is not like "THE INSIDER"

Hellsvacancy3073d ago

Gotta agree wid u there Morganfell

Greywulf3073d ago (Edited 3073d ago )

You guys allow all kinds of bullsxgt on this site. But when HHG gets T O N Y H A W K on his show, people still claim hes nonsense? I mean the guy uses flamebait.

So does Edge/Eurogamer/IGN/Gamesradar. ..

he does seem to have inside knowledge that we dont sitting at home on our computers.I've changed my mind about this guy when you compare him to the rest of gaming journalist out there. And clearly hes taken seriously by these companies PR representatives.

I still lol at his articles though, but just like I lol at Edge's reviews.

Either we get rid of all the BS on N4G including all the 1 paragraph "articles", or feel free to ignore his articles.

He has a gimmick, just like Gay Gamer / Girl Gamer/ Giant Bomb.

wxer3073d ago

i really don't think so
but hey
i wont be surprised this gen was crazy as hell

exclusive stuff is lost all over the place

leila013073d ago (Edited 3073d ago )

If someone else had posted this crap it would "fail approval" why does Hiphopgamer get a pass every time? Does he share his revenue with the N4G mods or something?
From the looks of it, I don't think this site is moderated anyway.

REALgamer3073d ago

Pulling speculation out of your ass isn't journalism.

Reporting is not thinking: 'hmmmmmm, wouldn't it be cool / interesting / weird / unexpected if X did Y by the way of Z' and then publishing it as news.

For newspapers and TV, if they incorrectly report something they have to then do a retraction. What a shame the same doesn't apply to online - 50% of HHG's articles would then be retractions.

No evidence should mean no article.

Saaking3073d ago (Edited 3073d ago )

Bungie making a PS3 game? I don't think so. Even though they're independent, they'll probably stay 2nd party and MS won't let them go anywhere near Sony. Bungie is to MS what Insomniac is to Sony.

And even if they do, the game will most probably be multiplatform. the possibility of a PS3 exclusive Bungie game is EXTREMELY low.

gamesR4fun3073d ago

i had to turn turn it off

he gets soem decent inside info sometimes its even right but until bioware announces it im not holding my breath

Chubear3073d ago

Hey, I never knew about that site/segment. That was fantastic stuff. Torrence was solid and the back 'n forth with HHG was thoroughly entertaining.

I sat through all that in one go lol. Great stuff. I'll be checking out but they do seem to be more 360 orientated but I'll check them out none-the-less.

Now gametrailers need these two or others like them on the bonus round to liven it up a bit. That thing is a major snore fest.

Rumor3073d ago

good stuff hiphop, back it up though, so these hipoctites can stop hating. lol


dont laugh at my trophies, i have very old games + NO TROPHY SUPPORT LOL

BWS19823073d ago

what he's worked towards thus far, but I tried to watch his show twice and I'm not just saying this, I got frustrated trying to listen to him talk and stopped it. I can't be perceptive enough to "watch" a show that has so much fluff anyways and "yo, check it out" diction. I don't dislike the guy, just the delivery. I respect what he's garnered thus far I guess, as well as the connections and rapport he's established, but it's personally difficult to read his posts or listen to him talk. I'd probably get along well with him in person but it's maddening watching him, sorry, it's not an attack, just an honest impression.

That and the two times I watched, I became disappointed that the flamebait was just him speculating, he delivered the reasoning, and said "it could happen" but he had no evidence or anything. It was just positing and guesswork, and it was aggravating.

In regards to the Bungie speculation, I say it's a long shot, and it won't be Halo, because from what I understood that's MS' IP and it would be like GoW coming to 360.

Guido3072d ago

In order for it to be racist, people here would have to be hating on him because of the color of his skin. Interestingly enough however they are not. They are in fact hating on him because he is known for flame bait titles and false rumors. If he had more cred then people would not hate so much. Try and remember what racism is all about and in the mean time, STFU and don't be so quick to call people racist when you know nothing about it.

Xgamerzus3072d ago

Sadly this whole phony Tracy Morgan e-bonics crap role playing, is what sales/marketable.It has become a de-facto mainstream character(the G yup yup) in Movies such as Transformers 2 or Gi Joe.
At first it seemed cool but it gets old very fast especially in this economy were being smart and political is important for black folks.

I for one as a black man find it offensive and stereotypical!!!
This guy is obviously famous for pushing same old stereo types that E-industry loves to swallow up.

Stupid kids love this stuff they buy rap CD's by the truck loads and club to this crap.
Im a Jazz musician and go to UCLA this is phony hype actor and makes me sick.

I prefer a Steve Irkle over this guy any Damn time.

Disccordia3072d ago

@1.8: It's also worth noting that most of the stuff that appears in his shows is gathered from comments that people write on N4G. Most of it is based on pure speculation and rumours.. anybody could come up with this headline since Bungie have been independent now for two years. HHG has no inside knowledge, he's just making up stories based on a little bit of info which everyone here already has.

ico923072d ago

well you've got give hip hop gamer show some credit they no how to create a pretty good flaimbait

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Sevir043073d ago (Edited 3073d ago )


Chubear3073d ago

... so you log in to give HHGS article heat so it can remain on the front page for even longer? Great dedication to the show you have there bud. Keep it up. :)

Xi3073d ago (Edited 3073d ago )

Until that point they never even had ps3 dev kits at the studio.

Games take roughly 2-3 years to make, with a regular cycle, and if you include the fact that they'd have to work on a new engine for the ps3, and they were still working on halo titles, I can guarantee they will not have a game ready for the ps3 by next year.

They might be working on a game for the ps3, who knows, but they will not have one ready for release next year.

egm_hiphopgamer3073d ago

the game won't be released next year hell no but there is an announcement that should be made around may or early june 2010 with a teaser trailer i'm excited.

Xi3073d ago (Edited 3073d ago )

With the exception of halo 3 odst (which in itself was smaller then most bungie titles) and halo reach, bungie has never announced more then 1 game being worked on at any given time. It's pretty hard to think that they'd announce another title before the release of reach.

However I do agree with you that they might be making a more open world game, considering that their latest siggraph paper discusses at length tod(time of day) and atmospheric lighting. Bungie also has a pretty good understanding of larger maps considering that some of their maps are the largest in the gaming environment. However I would actually guess that what bungie is working on is some form of MMOFPS title.

morganfell3073d ago

Just quit already. No one has forgotten what happened last week. You stated you would make some sort of amends this week and instead you show up with more absurd and unsupported tales.

Where is your big color red related explanation? Well? Just go away already.

You are the last thing a site needs when it is having difficulty with legitimacy.

DelbertGrady3073d ago (Edited 3073d ago )

That's the scary part, though. Most people HAVE forgotten already. That's why he gets away without being questioned for his fictional bs. That and with help from the N4G mods and his other accounts that approve the garbage before anyone manages to report it.

He is somewhat a statement of what N4G has become. A cesspool of retardation with the memory span of an amoeba. It's like MTV on crack.

D4RkNIKON3073d ago

A lot of people are hating on this news.. I don't know if it is true but if it is, there will be a lot of butthurt little fanboys running loose.

RememberThe3573073d ago

If he's heard something from an insider how exactly is he supposed to prove what he's heard? There's no paperwork or web link he could give. This is probably word of mouth, and it's a rumor. Stop with all the rabid hate. He hears something, then passes it on. If it's wrong it's wrong, if not then great. Either way we wont KNOW anything until it's officail; theres really no need to get butt hurt about it.

And where is you hate for PS3 Insider and their fake ass source?

Goldenarmz3073d ago

i agree,, i doubt Bungie will announce a title for any other system while they are still working on Halo titles, talk about taking the steam out of Halo. I doubt Bungie would do that, and it just wouldnt make much sense to me. I think if anything they would announce a PS3 title AFTER everything with Halo Reach is wrapped. Sounds like bs to me.

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spektical3073d ago

omg.. really this guy needs to STFU.. i dont want a halo on my ps3.. it'll just lower the resale value by two fold....
lets keep rumors , rumors until confirmed. K? thanks.

deadreckoning6663073d ago (Edited 3073d ago ) one said it was gunna be a Halo game. For now, I believe this. If this was a rumor, he would have put RUMOR in the title. It seems hes really confident about this one.

kaveti66163073d ago

Son, you would be lucky to have a popular title like Halo 3 on your PS3. There's a reason why Halo 3 has a consistent fanbase.

waltercross3073d ago

Halo wont sell well on the PS3, It's an XBOX Game.

Off Topic: Somebody is spamming this site again, Avast popped up
a warning.

Saaking3073d ago

The Halo IP is owned by MS themselves, not by Bungie. Halo on PS3 is impossible just like GT on the 360.

pixelsword3073d ago

Just a game that's multiplat; you can double check, but I think I got it right.

RockmanII73073d ago

These are the only things that Bungie owns the rights to

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