Rockstar's Beaterator subbing for music teachers in some NYC public schools

Despite a relatively low-key launch on the PSP this past Fall, Rockstar Games' Beaterator is showing back up in the news this week for reasons that we couldn't have seen coming from a mile away. It turns out that kids in some NYC public schools are getting their music education by means of the beat making application and PSPs, with a custom workshop being taught by Dubspot.

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samoon3162d ago

Guess the hardcore didn't find it too interesting and so Rockstar is trying to sell it to children through education.

Parents are gonna purchase it for Christmas lol.

Blaze9293162d ago

Actually no, that's not it at all. There is no "hardcore". Do you even know what Beaterator IS? This is a VERY good partnership and a very great contribution to keeping music alive with children today in education; somethings that is rapidly dying out in the US.

You must first appreciate music production to appreciate what Rockstar is doing here.

Kindly take your uninterested opinion somewhere else.

PirateThom3162d ago

I'm actually fairly interested in Beaterator (and the Korg DS synth).

The ability to produce music to the level I've heard in Beaterator actually surprised me.

TwistedMetal3162d ago

thats a +1 agree and a plus bubble as well. samoon you get negative both say bye to the bubble and hi to the disagree.