Download a free DivX movie for your PlayStation 3

PS3 Attitude writes: "The title may sound too good to be true, but it isn't.

You can now download a free movie from the DivX website for any certified device and the PlayStation 3 happens to be one of them."

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Godmars2903157d ago

How long has it been since they shut down their old DL site? The one that was free?

WildArmed3157d ago

too long my friend.. too long ;(

FaSeCeX3157d ago

i have like 20 movies on my ps3...not blu ray quality but nonetheless u get wat u pay for which in this case would be a free dvd

IlovemicrosoftRROD3157d ago

What website has free DiVX movies?

barom3157d ago

Man this was a big hassle. PSN video store is definitively better. Honestly, I just went through a bunch of bs just to active my PS3, only to download the video on the PC. How dumb is that?

I guess it was worth my time since I got Ace Ventura for free but I'm unlikely to use this service again.

Lifendz3157d ago

"Great, now I can watch Batman Begins since I've yet to see it." I go through the hurdle of downloading the player, finding the PS3 code, finally registering my PS3, clicking on the VOD link on my Mac before the screen goes completely dark, setting up a streaming client so I can get the darn file on my PS3, and then after all that I get ready to watch the thing and the quality is akin to what I could've gotten off one of those movie download sites.

You're better off just getting the blu-ray or renting it IMO.

jhooty143157d ago

why not just pirate a movie and stick a usb in ur console lol ya i am a pirate

GameForFame3156d ago

Why the f*** would I jump through hoops for a simple free DivX movie when there are easier ways to cop a free movie? Like this one, through other sites, without this hassle.

Be it through the browser on your 4 or on your PC; it's simple, it's easy. DVD quality movies, right to your 3. This is unnecessary. But cool I guess. Unfortunately some are unaware of how bad a** their PS3 can really be.

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PirateThom3157d ago

Since I have Batman Begins on Blu-ray, I've opted for Ace Ventura.

Alllllllllllllllllllllrighty then.

vickers5003157d ago

Same here. One of the few blu rays I own, so it's Ace Ventura for me.

i like jam3157d ago

thanks, but gonna pass. already have batman on blu ray, and rest are meh.

InfectedDK3157d ago

Agreed.. I don't even want to sign up for one of those movies..

drumstix953157d ago

How do i get the VOD code?

PirateThom3157d ago

It's under System Settings.

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