Zipper working on an unannounced PS3 game

MAG is currently in the final stages of production, with Zipper stress testing the online servers and ironing out some final bugs. The game is due in just a bit more than 2 months on January 26, exclusively on the PS3. It doesn't look like Zipper will be taking any time off, though - the Seattle-based developer is working on another, unannounced PS3 title.

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PirateThom3188d ago

Come on SOCOM! A proper PS3 SOCOM title!

WildArmed3188d ago

The first SOCOM to debut on Ps3 :)

(/ six dont count lol)
its like SOCOM Confrontation was the Metal Gear Acid of the MGS series.. iT was no good and doesnt count in the epic MGS series lol

this time they'll have an epic online and campagin

mal_tez923188d ago

A singleplayer SOCOM for PS3 would kick ass!

Also, afetr being somewhat dissappointed with MW2, I have high hopes for MAG now.

JL3188d ago

Agreed. New SOCOM please! I really wasn't expecting to hear this. I fully expected for Zipper to take time off so to speak just to tend to MAG and really nurse it through its start up. However, hearing that they're working on another project, I would absolutely die to hear it turn out to be a proper SOCOM. Not trying to take a jab at Slant Six here, just I want an actual campaign SOCOM. I've been craving that so bad. Forget all these other shooters that are just mindless run and gunners pretty much. I want some hardcore tactical shooting. Flashpoint had a chance to fill that void for me, yet while enjoyable, it just fell short in too many places.

Rai853187d ago

they should work on something new really...
some new Action Adventures/Advetures, jump and runs,

Man i would even love to see some 2D (1080p) RPGs like Final Fantasy 6, but as Remake...

WildArmed3186d ago

Never ask a italian cook to make you some chinese food.

If your gonna ask Zipper to make an RPG/Action/Adventure games, your doing it.

And SOCOM isnt just another shooter.. =/
I wouldnt want God of war devs to make me a shooter..
or SOFTWARE/LEVEL 5 to make me anything else but a good RPG/action game.
It's what they are good at..
Speaking of which.. where is my dmn White knight chronicles lol

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3188d ago

More AAA exclusives for the TripleAstation 3.Expect the xbots to fill a lake with their tears

rtonaey3188d ago

Not that online only thing they had going on.

RememberThe3573188d ago

they don't have to take the blame for that one.

JL3188d ago

Once they got it patched up Confrontation wasn't that bad at all. It was really fun. My complaint is that it was online only. Nothing wrong with the game for what it was. But SOCOM fans want a campaign, that's where it's really at.

KozmoOchez3188d ago

SOCOM single player and hopefully they bring back online co-op like in Combined Assault. Voice commands should be sweet also

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