Playstation Network Premium Confirmed

GameSpot Writes: "Kaz Hirai confirms premium level will be added on top of PS3 and PSP's online service, which will remain free to play online; PSN revenue expected to hit $563 million this fiscal year."

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dktxx23163d ago

Keep online gameplay 100% free, just do that and you could do whatever the hell u want.

LastPlaceConsole3163d ago

Couldn't Agree more

Free 4 Life

Darkfocus3163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

as long as they don't charge for anything we already get for free right now I'm all for it.

Edit:fishing for some bubbles there Last Place Console? Get lost everyone knows your a troll I thought you were banned to the open zone.

Jamescagney3163d ago

Yeah totally agree, as long as you can continue to play online for nothing I'm happy. If they put restrictions in place to force you to pay extra, then that would be a very bad move.

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orakga3163d ago

Yeah, as long as the premium only applies to CONTENT (i.e. videos, downloadables, themes, etc), then I don't see an issue with this.

But if they fold Cross-game voicechat into the paid service, I swear I'm going to flip. Let's just hope the morons don't do something THAT stupid, but you never know... Sony's been pretty stupid about many things over the past few years...

EpicGamerSwordsman3163d ago

you fail to realize that psn is on par with LIVE. check your calender.. where in 2009 now.

Elvfam5113163d ago

"Sony fail much?
Psn will never be as good as live."

ActionBastard3163d ago

Agreed. From what they've said, everything you currently enjoy for free, will remain free (Netflix, online MP, etc). With cross-game chat being spoken about prior to this news even surfacing, it's a safe bet that it won't be "premium content". Just b/c 360 owners a dumb enough to consider chat and online MP "premium", doesn't mean Sony (or the PC community) does. That alone is WIN.

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Jamegohanssj53163d ago

If it's like 30 bucks a year for like free netflix streaming, renting video's, and maybe like 2 to 3 games to download a month stuff I don't care aboot, then I'll be fine with it.


bruddahmanmatt3163d ago

It really depends on what Sony does and does not decide to make exclusvie paid for content. My hope is that the paid for content will essentially be what Qore subscribers currently have access to which I think is more than fair. PSN will remain free to the casual gamer but for the hardcore folks who don't want to be forced into pre-ordering a title at LAMEstop just for a beta code perhaps PSP Premium is the way to go for them. I'm sure more than a handful of Qore subscribers would be more than happy to convert their Qore memberships into PSN Premium subscriptions. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if this new PSN Premium membership is simply Qore under a new name.

For me, so long as Sony doesn't remove any features currently available for free on PSN I think most folks won't have any problems with this optional subscription service. Any extra content that they offer for a fee is simply icing on the cake IMO. I know a lot of folks who would be more than willing to pay $5 a month for a beta code rather than having to hunt one down and with the number of hot PS3 titles on deck for next year, you can bet your ass that there'll be a heck of a lot of betas folks will be trying to get into come 2010. I'm definitely not in favor of having to pay to get online (read: Live) but giving players the option to pay for beta codes, early access and maybe a dash of exclusive content here and there is more than fair IMO.

deadreckoning6663163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

I TOLD u guys back in September that this was gunna happen. No one believed me lol. I can't wait till this service pops up. Look wat Sony is doing for free. Imagine what they can do with a subscription service! Im so happy =D

This service will determine who are the cheapos and who are the TRUE Sony loyalists!

Darkfocus3163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

"Why so many of you disagree?
You know i'm right look at facebook, marketplace>ps store, video sotre.

You are all such blind stupid fanboys, go pull your head out of your arse and look what Live has to offer."

what live offers
-Retarded kids like you
-A place for Saps to waste their money
-5 year olds

of course I'm basing these deductions entirely on people like you and Last Place console

KillerPwned3163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

Marcus your a coward......Get off N4G

No one here is bashing ur precious live maybe where actaully adults and grew up ur the only fanboy here.....Pathetic

Elvfam5113163d ago

"Why so many of you disagree?
You know i'm right look at facebook, marketplace>ps store, video sotre.

You are all such blind stupid fanboys, go pull your head out of your arse and look what Live has to offer."

Facebook psn intergation and web broswer access free

Faacebook Xlive intergation and no web broswer and can't use while in game 30 - 50 a year

Market place and Psn store is the same

Video store on psn you can purchase or rent movies and tv shows

Video store on Xlive you can only rent (from the last time i remember)

Netflix both Xbox 360 and Ps3 have it

Netflix Xbox 360 pay 30- 50 a year plus the monthly fee from Netflixs
you can view with friends

Netflixs PS3 free online and just monthly from netflix (need disc)

What else you got

MAiKU3163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

If all current PSN activities are to remain free, then what will come with the PSN premium service? That's where the fear comes from.

I think it's just this rental service crap, and streaming content.


wonderful disagrees. Well either way, if it's worth my while i have the money for it.

Lifendz3163d ago

You let everyone get online and play the game, and then you offer the services that the multi-console owners want for a premimum price (assuming that's what it is).

I have no problem with that so long as I can still get on a game, use my headset, and not get subpar service. And don't make me wait a week for a demo. I figured that steady stream of income would be too much for Sony to pass up. Get that money but don't force the rest of us to pay a fee for services we might not even use.

Mindboggle3163d ago

If they charge for cross game chat I would pay for it.

If this does happen Im waiting to see the people who were saying they dont want cross game chat complaining that its not free.

ThanatosDMC3163d ago

We can tell them FU if they ever try to shaft us to pay to play online.

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lightningsax3163d ago

This is a Kaz Hirai communication. His role in the Sony corporate structure is different now - he's the guy who jumps across the different silos of music, video, games, etc. and attempts to connect them. What I'm thinking is that his first real project in this position will be this premium content - possibly subscription-based usage of all Sony music and HD video content for a price, akin to what Rhapsody tried to do with its subscription service.

Who knows? Chances are I'm not going to be too interested if that's all it is. Maybe it'll allow access to DLC and be more affordable than buying it all piecemeal. That would be pretty nice!

WenisWagon3163d ago

Paying for Xbox Live makes sense because it is totally worth what you get. What would you be paying for PSN? The ability to use premium printer support for your console?

sikbeta3163d ago

That's your new name

Fail much because it let me play for free

Oh...GOD this fanboys can't be more dumb, the money you spend on live can go to a new game

-"not, becauze I only buy teh Haloezzzzzzz"


tonsoffun3163d ago

I suppose it depends on what is included with the subscription....

If they have a model where I can have access to unlimited free downloads of PSN games/DLC/ADD ON's etc... for a set amount per month, then I am totally in.

p0Wer3163d ago

As long as the way PSN is currently in stays free, then I warmly welcome PSN Premium.

I wonder what premium users will get extra! Does anybody think there will be special firmware features for premium members only?

thorstein3163d ago

That is a direct quote. in addition to the current free servicesin addition to the current free servicesin addition to the current free servicesin addition to the current free servicesin addition to the current free servicesin addition to the current free servicesin addition to the current free servicesin addition to the current free servicesin addition to the current free servicesin addition to the current free servicesin addition to the current free servicesin addition to the current free servicesin addition to the current free servicesin addition to the current free servicesin addition to the current free servicesin addition to the current free servicesin addition to the current free servicesin addition to the current free servicesin addition to the current free servicesin addition to the current free servicesin addition to the current free servicesin addition to the current free servicesin addition to the current free services

Guitardr853163d ago

Ok...So I'll just keep using the "inferior" PSN while you keep playing your XBLA.

How many 360 consoles have you gone through now? I'm just really glad you can find the time to play online with all of your systems being sent in for repair!

Guido3162d ago

And that is all I want. Now, if they have a monthly premium for a set of movie downloads and perhaps games or demos then sure, I might look into it but at the moment, all I need the PSN for is to game online.

Quickedie3162d ago

You guys seem all happy about this anouncement. Wasn't xbox life critizised for being not free?
And isn't this move by Sony a clear step into that direction. Remember, they are a business, of course they will try to make you buy the premium service. I hope they won't force you like Microsoft by making online play available only for premium users (its the only reason I pay for Live).
But still it is a sad day for the console consumer where a premium has to be payed for things that formaly have been free on PC (online play, demos, updates, social networking, etc.). Now that Sony does this move into that direction, this seems to be the future.
I really hope so much, online play will remain free on the PS3 (and PS4,5,6...), that competition is necessary, perhaps Microsoft will be forced to allow online play for Silver users some day...

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LastPlaceConsole3163d ago

now it's not only $hitty

but you have to pay for it to get less $hitty

What a $hitty online with a $hitty Last place Console

3163d ago
sephy 9 2 53163d ago

taking a long time to ship back from the repair center.

MAiKU3163d ago

Figured you'd say something here but never anything where you're challenged.

Another blah game of predict a bot.

All our features that you pay for are still free for us floppy.

xcox3163d ago

this trolling penguin almost nailed it: just change the avatar picture to:

and he's spot on


blackblades3163d ago

you just mad cause 360 sucks.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

+ Online play on the PS3 will always be FREE;)

+ For me PSN is Perfect. Does all i want. Well done SONY.

p0Wer3163d ago

@LPC: Please remove yourself from this site and never return.

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ubiquitious3163d ago

This is the beginning of the end.

Anyone remember when Sony used to be innovative? What happened? You can't follow Microsoft forever.

NickIni3163d ago

...How are they following Microsoft?

Because paying for an online service was totally Microsoft's idea. You don't even have to pay to play.

Elvfam5113163d ago


There's going to be free online with a option of premium service

EpicGamerSwordsman3163d ago

there not even close. but nobody should listen to you anyway, because you think MS is innovating online gaming by having you pay for basic features that come free with PSN.

deadreckoning6663163d ago

@Maiku- Fear? What are you talking about? If anythg this will inspire M$ to lower their subscription fee or make it free to play online. This may benefit 360 fanboys as well. The more M$ sweats, the more things they'll be forced to give for free or at a CHEAPER price. Its called LOGIC :)

ultimolu3163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )


Yes...unlike Microsoft who forces you to pay that $50.00 a freaking year if you want to play all the latest demos and play against your friends properly.

Grow up.

3163d ago
Simon_Brezhnev3163d ago

@ 2

funnest comment of the day

lightningsax3163d ago

They're following, I guess, by providing a subscription service, but they've done this with Qore already. If the stuff we've been enjoying for free is still free, we PS3 folk still have every right to put thumbs to noses and flip the bird at the 360 faithful.

They're trying something new, but it'll need funding. That's the point. They will be innovating, but innovation doesn't come from nothing. It comes from great creative staff, who have expensive salaries to pay.

sikbeta3163d ago

ubiquitious didn't want to wrote that, I'll translate for all of you:

This is the beginning of the end.

Anyone remember when Gamers used to be GAMERS? What happened? I can't love Microsoft forever."

Well, that's what he want to say, he is assuming his BLINDED BIASED HATER CHILDISH (and more) FANBOYSM and he feels like he can't deal with that

boodybandit3163d ago

name 3 things MS did since they entered the gaming industry that was innovative. If you ask me they are the epitome of follow the leader. I honestly can't think of anything they have done that was innovative and I have no bias against MS when it comes to gaming. Anyone that knows me will tell you I am on my 360 more than my PS3. I am, unlike you, just keeping it real and being honest.

willie323163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

I don't think this is the beginning to the end. Does anyone remember the "rumor" that was circulating about two months ago? It suggested that Sony was going to charge a subscription fee for the PSN store. The rumor then said people who paid the subscription fee would be able to download any game or dlc from the store while maintaining the monthly payment. If I was able to pay $5 a month for unlimitied access to games and dlc, I will definately subscribe to it. I probably blow at least $20 a month on stuff anyways. I would love to save the money. As long as they keep the online gaming free, there is no problem with this.

Guitardr853163d ago

Yeah that was a pretty stupid comment you made. Sony copying MS by having people pay for something? That's as stupid as saying you are copying Bill Gates by using the numbers 0 and 1 in phone number. Quit being such a fanboy and grow up!

Quickedie3162d ago

btw, the Silver account gives you access to demos, videos, updates, etc...

But do you realize, that Sony offering a premium service is VERY SIMILAR to Micro$oft's, except for the online play part.

Don't be a fool, it could be just a step away from a service like LIVE.

Are you really that NAIVE to believe that Sony wouldn't make a profit when they are in the position to do so? Do you think they have some kind of 'morals' or they would consider it immoral to charge you if they could?
Let's say they would offer a superior service to XBox live, don't you think they would CHARGE you for it?

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DarkBlade3163d ago

hmm i was told this online yesterday but didn't believe. Luckily Online play is the same.

cereal_killa3163d ago

You mussssssssssst be a Muppet Troll.

Aceluffy3163d ago

How only 2 words can get you bubble raped ? I love N4G