Top 5 Most Anticipated RPG's Not Named Final Fantasy

For the first part of this generation's life cycle there was not a lot for the PS3 in terms of RPG's. The PS3 now has a few gems with Valkyria Chronicles and Disgaea 3, as well as a former Xbox exclusive in Eternal Sonata. With age the PlayStation 3 seems like more attractive platform for RPG developers and publishers.

Next year marks a great year in terms of Role Playing Games with the big boys Square-Enix finally releasing Final Fantasy XIII, XIII Versus and XIV. While the Final Fantasy series keeps the series die hards happy it is not the only great up and coming RPG. But that is not the only great RPG to hit the PS3 next year and PlayStation LifeStyle will run down the 5 Most Anticipated RPG's of 2010 that you need to keep an eye out for. These are in no particular order and few of these have yet to receive a US Release Date but we expect them to come in 2010.

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Redempteur3102d ago

that's about right

i Agree with the list ... but i wish i could have more informations on 3D dot heroes ..because now i think the title is intresting but i have yet to decide if i would buy it ...

Saaking3102d ago

It looks like a great idea and I'm hopeful From Software can deliver again.

MazzingerZ3101d ago (Edited 3101d ago )

SCEJ was hardly involved in the conception of Demon's Souls so I don't expect From Software deliver again a game of that kind by itself, their games are mostly average-good

Willio3101d ago

I disagree, I thought Demon's Souls was the best RPG in this generation. That game wasn't made for the weak. It is beyond your "avg-good" standard.

Saaking3102d ago

I'm really looking forward to WKC.

doctorstrange3101d ago

I've been looking forward to this game since it was announced

Whut3102d ago

Resonance of Fate
looks very good.

wolfehound223101d ago

I agree completely with the list

villevalorox3101d ago

demon's souls = best rpg i've ever played. I know I'm going to get a lot of disagrees because FF, but i could never get into the lets take turns hitting each other thing.

NecrumSlavery3101d ago

My favorite RPG is Chrono Trigger. FF is the only RPG out there. Here's an Agree for you

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The story is too old to be commented.