PSP Go: Digital Distribution Killer?

Sony threw itself whole-heartedly into the world of digital-only media. It seems somehow fitting then, that the PSP Go will likely die a slow and painful death, and its demise will undoubtedly set back the digital experiment by years.

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Parapraxis3162d ago

From the article:
"In essence, if the Go flops (which it likely will), then it's going to scare other companies away from the digital model for the foreseeable future. Manufacturers will point out that the market isn't ready for the digital format yet (it isn't), and will shy away from any big changes in the next console generation."

Wow, I see the author COMPLETELY ignored the iPhone when he wrote this crud.

Feral Gamer3161d ago

The iPhone is a phone. This is a gaming console. Apps are smaller on iPhone and they're just something to pass time.

D4RkNIKON3161d ago

I agree with both of you, the iphone has digital distribution written all over it and it works just fine. But the iphone is not much of a gaming platform. I see nothing wrong with the PSPgo, I don't own one yet, waits for a good hack.. but I think this article is rubbish

The Great Melon3161d ago

Part of the problem with the PSP Go is that it exists with the PSP. One system you can only download stuff while the other allows you to download and have physical copies of games. People see two different things and will second guess themselves when thinking about what they will lose when they purchase one or the other.

I personally feel like I would be missing out on something if I could only download games rather than go buy the physical copy. I really think they should offer boxes similar to Patapon 2. Although this circumvents the digital distribution pricing, it at least lets the consumer be comfortable with idea that things are no longer on physical media.

MazzingerZ3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

Haha...yeah, and VHS is on its way back!

Digital D can seen as another option for devs to publish their games, not everybody can find a publisher with the budget to do the marketing the game need and reach the right audience nor cover the manufacturing and distribution costs it involves.

Via digital distribution you could see developers becoming publishers of their own games, SONY already started doing that in the PSN.

I'd say digital it's here to stay as another option and physical media will be around for a while, just like the analog phone, many people use the mobile 90% of the time, Skype, etc but still has the old phone left and pays a bill for it every month, it never lets you down unlike the more "modern" ones

What SONY and publishers need to do is to price the Digital games as Digital!! no disc nor manufacturing, warehousing, etc costs involved and still costs as much...price them 12-15 USD/EURO cheaper and you'll see the PSPGo taking off as gamers would really see the REAL advantage of digital vs physical = cheaper!

The real killer3161d ago

Good point, i think it's not ready.

Greywulf3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

Not only are they not doing a download only model, but they are doing what everyone pretends is the future of gaming/tv/film.

Remember when HD-DVD died and bluray detractors said "Well so what, Digital Downloads is the future!" So now, you have the option, clearly the GO is priced as a luxury item, as the PS3 was in its launch, and more people are buying them around the world other consoles.

Tired Ass arguments = "Buh buh its expensive!" yeah so is the first model of most things. If you cant afford it, you probably aren't in the market for one. But apparently people are in the market for them, outside of your bubble.

DD is the present right now, and its going to take companies to actually start pioneering things like PSPGO's to establish how the system w ill work. We will also need standard internet speeds which is a major blow to many unfortunate internet users. Either way, its a good start. People hating on the GO have just found something else to hate about Sony since they can't harp on the PS3's price anymore.

Remember, Sony has harvard trained talent to figure out the projected plan of their devices. I'm sure they are aware of the situation and have done research.

ndibu3161d ago

Hello(lol get it?) iPhone is a phone 1st and a gaming device 8th. Can't even begin to explain just how flawed your logic is. NO ONE buys an iPhone because it plays games...

Blaze9293161d ago

"Remember, Sony has harvard trained talent to figure out the projected plan of their devices. I'm sure they are aware of the situation and have done research."

Riiiight....but anyone with a High School diploma can figure out that NOT requiring games to be put up on the storefront for the PSP Go is a really stupid idea. That's one of the main problems with the Go right now. I have a friend, wants Crisis Core, not available on the PSN Store - is about to sell his PSP Go.

I couldv'e sworn Sony was saying something about 200+ games will be ready by launch or whatever.

There's nothing wrong with the PSP Go, I wouldn't mind getting one. The fact that there's a possibility that I won't be able to play a game I want on it though is the stupid part.

raztad3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )


You have a very strong point 100% agree.

I dont know if Sony is doing it on purpose but digital distributed games are more expensive than the respective umd versions. It makes no sense.

GTA:CW (PSN) $39.99, amazon $36.99 <--- WTF????

Give me a $29.99 PSN game and I'll be all over it.


Thats true. DD is everybody future but Sony's. Everything Sony does is meant to fail if the haters are to be believed. Funny thing is that before the PSP Go details were leaked, many people were ditching the umd, and how Sony needed to get rid of it.

Blaze9293161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

You DO know that Amazon is what they call a special retailer right? One that constantly sells items under MSRP compared to the standard retailers? Why should PSN prices compete with Amazon when over other major retailer like walmart is selling it for the same price or just a few cents different?

On top of that, they really CANT compete with retailers becuase they need them to sell the hardware. It's just like Games on Demand - alot of those $30 titles should be cheaper but thats what retail sells those games at so they gotta do the same.

ThanatosDMC3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

Weird since it was sold out at the Fry's i go to. Even weirder that a lot of electronic stores had a sale before thanksgiving holiday.

Dont forget. Tekken 6 is going to be $39.99 on Black Friday early in the morning!

rockleex3161d ago

PSP Go doesn't have direct access to internet.

You need to find a Wi-fi spot for the PSP.

raztad3161d ago

You are totally missing the point. I just tried to explain that savings made when skipping traditional retailers should be passed to the consumer, if the DD is going to be a competitive option.

Read Mazzinger post please.

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Cajun Chicken3161d ago

I'm strongly against the PSP Go because I have a vast library of UMD games and Sony seem to have no intention on allowing me to play them on the Go, meaning I shall have to carry around TWO PSPs on journeys, also I think it's a waste of money to get something that limits yourself and costs three quarters of the price of a PS3.

I'm all up for digital download on portable systems though, I just don't like it cutting out my old games on essentially a new model of the handheld, this step shouldv'e only been taken with the PSP2.

RememberThe3573161d ago

Sony has completely priced the PSP Go out of the mass market. It is hard to see it doing anything worth talking about until the price drops.

The real killer3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

The PSP-GO is not PSP 2 or succesor ;)

PSP 2 will have both features ;)

RememberThe3573161d ago

Sorry about that little mistake.

multipayer3161d ago

That'd be great if psp 2 had a new disc drive that worked with umds, it seems like all they want to do is make these portables really small though.

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Jerk1203161d ago

Sonys second biggest flop, after the Ps3.

Fatal Blow3161d ago

I think they made a big mistake with the digital distribution because i for one and most of the people hear have a lot of umd games and movies and i cant play any of them on the psp go that is the reason i have not bought one i don't like digital distribution i rather have game's on disc ill be wanting for a psp 2 that has two analog stick and plays little blu ray disc

Handhelds_FTW3161d ago

When the next PSPGo is fail article would be posted.

Quote: "but the fact of the matter is the PSP has been under-performing for nearly its entire life cycle, and a new coat of paint isn't going to change matters.

The PSP is vastly outsold not only by the DS, its main handheld competitor, but by every other console currently on the market with the exception of the PS2".

Just another Sony hater.

silvacrest3161d ago

its funny how the author forgot to mention that the PSP has sold more then 50 million handhelds, some consoles have gone there entier life cycle and havn't been close, it has actually sold roughly half of the DS numbers and is still going strong

like someone else here said, the price of the PSPGO is hurting it more then anything else

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