The Top Eight Video Game Bugs That Made the Game Better writes: It's no secret game companies sometimes put out a broken game on the shelves. But for every game-breaking nightmare you have to download a patch to fix, there are bugs you want to hang onto. Whether it's flying frogs, crashing planes, or filling a room with watermelons, here are the eight greatest bugs ever to ship.

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Perjoss3040d ago

the strafe jump glitch in the Quake series is arguably the most well known 'bug' that actually makes the game better.

mal_tez923040d ago

As if 99 rare candies didn't make Pokemon better

Madusha3040d ago

You don't get well researched and well made 'top ten lists' like this often. Very nicely done. Interesting read / watch.

Redempteur3040d ago

i don't think that the swingset glith in GTA4 made the game better

Sangria3040d ago

I don't think I would be able to play Oblivion without the duplicate glitch. In Fallout 3, it's quite easy to become rich and have many medi-packs, but in Oblivion, I don't count the number of time I duplicated potions, arrows and magic stuff (to sell them and have money).

Darkfocus3040d ago

wait that glitch worked on any item not just water melons? I've never used it but it seems like it could make the game pretty easy you could have so many potions nothing could ever kill you.

Sangria3040d ago

Not every item but around 90% of them. There was a patch (on consoles at least) to fix a way to duplicate items, but it didn't fix the second way. All you had to do is to have 2 scrolls, activate them, drop the item to duplicate (other scrolls for example) and take them, and continue over and over again.

Sometimes the glitch couldn't duplicate magic items and it cannot duplicate quest items either, but it certainly does help a lot as you can duplicate magic scrolls, healing potions, arrows, weapons, etc...

tplarkin73040d ago

The Oblivion glitch made the game fun. It really came in handy for the rare magic arrows.

NecrumSlavery3040d ago

Paint Brushes in oblivion didn't have any gravity to them, so you could use a thousand of them to continuously make a steps in mid air. perfect for sneaking into castles or just trying to see how high you can get before you

The Tweaks glitch in Uncharted 2 is cool too. I wish I new about it before I platinumed it...ha, would of made things easier.

Sangria3040d ago

There is another glitch that made Oblivion quite easy, especially for speedruns.
Take a look at this:
And for Portal:
If you're a speedrunner, then glitches can be pretty useful.

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The Great Melon3040d ago (Edited 3040d ago )

Another good glitch that treated me well was Pokemon Red and Blue's MissingNo. Plop something down an item number sixth's slot and bam you got 128 items now. MissingNo was definitely my favorite Pokemon. =)

NecrumSlavery3040d ago (Edited 3040d ago )

I thought if you caught him, he would crash your cartridge?

I really loved the Ghost Room Glitch in Mario 64 too.

kaveti66163040d ago

Yeah, I used that for Masterballs and Rare Candy. Come to think of it, I'm pretty sure the Gold/Silver games also had a duplication glitch, somewhere near Cinnibar Island. I never tried to catch that Missingno creature, but I should have just to see what would happen.

ZombieNinjaPanda3040d ago

@Necrum, I caught several and it never crashed my game.

There was a way around it, I forget what to do though.

Gotta love this article.

n to the b3040d ago

pokemon aint worth playin without dupe TMs IMO. and yes gold/silver has a (much more tedious) item/pokemon dupe trick.

original KOTOR also has an item dupe trick which is great since I think ordinarily u can't even get enough credits to buy all the most [email protected]@ss equip in the game.

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