Dragon Age: Origins - Dark Ritual Not Disappointing In Context To Potential Sequel Plotline, An Opinion & Reality Check

Game Informer writes:

"This is a lengthy post full of spoilers about one of several endings, it requires time to read and absorb, so if pressed for time or with lack of desire to read about an ending - move on now.

The point here isn't to necessarily spoil the game however, it is to explain away players' disappointment with the "Dark Ritual" ending as I heard and read many players are. It is important to note that the game does a very good job of ensuring that all rewards have their own consequences. Saving a life costs a life and eerie balance is at play the whole game through."

Warning, Spoilers ahead.

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Bigpappy3044d ago

Great game! The game is classic Bioware. People who and used to playing JRPG's where you end the game by saving the princess might be shocked by this type of ending. This game is filled with conflicting moral decisions. Many times in life you have to make decisions to deal with stuff that just pops up and was not part of the process you had envision. Sometimes to reach your goal, none of the methods to get there are supported by your ideological moral position. But to stay with your moral position will end up destroying the chance to make things better, if not for you, for you family or people you care about. This game gets into those types of conflicts and so you reach your goal but by doing so there are still loose ends.