Modern Warfare 2, Get 12 Month LIVE Card for $29.99 + $10 Credit


"Amazon just kicked off a pretty sweet deal for Modern Warfare 2 late adopters...

For a limited time, you'll get 12 months of Xbox LIVE gold for $29.99 when you purchase Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 for the Xbox 360. The 12 month card can be used to add an additional 12 months to your existing account (stackable).

In addition, Amazon is still offering a free $10 credit on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2!"

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kalebgray923164d ago

which is still cheaper than this lol

ActionBastard3164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

There should be another story: Sony Offers Insane Modern Warfare 2 Deal- NO SUBSCRIPTIONS FEES! I'll take that over a couple of days worth of MP issues.

cmacdonald3164d ago

that makes too much sense

Mista T3164d ago

not to mention the PS3 controller is better for this game, you can fire the FAL better and faster along with the other single fire weapons with the PS3 controller and you can be more accurate, not to mention there won't be any marks on your thumb from a long session of playing MW2 because of sprinting pressing the analog (I'm looking at you 360 left analog stick)

Meus Renaissance3164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

Don't you need a PS3 to get a PS3 game? Or can you get a PS3 + Modern Warfare 2 for $60? I'm confused. Or are we still making fanboyish comments in the Gamer Zone trying to undermine the opposing console using price comparisons? Why don't you guys go outside game stores with spreadsheets and printouts to help sell PlayStation 3's? I'm sure it would work more than posting comments on a website where everyone has their own console(s) and won't be swayed by comments

n4gn4gn4gn4g3164d ago

I got MW2 for $39 at launch and don't pay to play it online.

I really wish these 'deals' didn't get approved on N4G...there is ALWAYS a better deal to be found.

i3eyond the Circle3164d ago

Where is all the "Superior PC Version" mumbo jumbo.

As I recall MW2 is on the PC format.

You'd think the amount they abuse that phrase when certain games don't come to Ps3 they'd definitely be using it now.

You ps3 boys are so transparent it's not even funny.

Gamehead363164d ago

Lighten up buddy. I definitely agree with how you feel about fanboys, and the comment you made was intelligent, but it is kinda funny you're getting a discount and it is still cheaper for the ps3. Man I love my ps3.

*deep stare at ps3*



JokesOnYou3164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

"or you can get it on ps3 fot $60 bucks
which is still cheaper than this lol"

-And yet people still go out and PAY for a Steak dinner, instead of going to the HOMEless shelter for a FREE LUNCH.

-lol, I don't even think I have to tell you which is the Steak and which is the free lunch. I wonder were you they guy on the corner with a cardboard sign "Donate to get MW2 multiplayer working on PSN". I hope my quarter helped. Next I suppose you'll be sporting a brand new "Donate to exclusive MW2 DLC" cardboard sign, nope I don't have anymore loose change so enjoy your free lunch, lmfao=


edit vvvvv, So says the saaaKING of the sony extremists, but in reality outside of fairytale land known as n4g pretty much any gamer knows Live is superior to psn and thats why we pay for it. Cheer up and use a little hot sauce, it might taste better. lol

Saaking3164d ago

Except a steak dinner is far superior and better than a homeless meal. XBL is not far superior or better than PSN. In fact, they're the exact same with the exception of certain (and in my opinion useless) features. Why would pay for something you can get for free?

Gamehead363164d ago

At the defense of ps3 fanboys, that comment is only used when a game is only for the 360 and pc, and the fanboy in some ps3 owners try to underplay the console exclusivity said game has on the 360. I don't like the comment either way however because we all know damn well most ps3 fanboys do not have a capable pc to do so. They give the ones who do a bad name. Personally, I am overdue and need a 360 soon for Alan Wake.

dbf3164d ago

Thank god we have ps3 comments on this 360 article, I had almost forgotten what site I was on. Feed the fanboy.

ActionBastard3164d ago

I love how the "Smell Your Own Fart" committee comes out, blind to the comparison of MW2 360 + $30 XBL and MW2 PS3 + No subscription. But it is a nice deal if you're a 360 owner. Now...Lighten up, smell a fart or two and feel good about yourselves.

RockmanII73164d ago

hahahahahaha... oh wait, you were being serious???

ambientFLIER3164d ago

I'm sorry, but the dualshock controller will NEVER be superior for ANY fps.

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ForROME3164d ago

So let me get this straight, your getting live for what its worth, 29.99 thats not a deal, thats the price it should be maybe even 19.99

UNCyrus3164d ago

I'm really failing to see how this deal is "Insane" as the title states... someone help me out?

Kratos2153164d ago

Thats the only way it makes sense

ThaOutKast3164d ago

The goggles they do nothing!

sashimi3164d ago

maybe it's insane in the sense that if you buy it...well you're insane? lolz....

UNCyrus3164d ago

major lolz for you sushi man

red2tango3164d ago

insane deal = i play for free online

lmao i love xbox 360 owners

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