Guerrilla Games prepares for massive project, seeks new people to join team

Not too long ago, news broke that Guerrilla Games, the studio behind the critically acclaimed Killzone 2 is already full throttle into development of Killzone 3. It was also rumored that said game would in fact be released in 2010. That we're not sure of, but if the recent posting on their website holds true, there is no doubt that the team is either working overtime to release the game sooner rather than later, or there's another major project in the works all together.

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jams_shop3162d ago

Excellent news for gamers in general.

Danny Dan3162d ago

I'm sure the team still wants to cram out much more from the PS3 from what they did with KZ2. If there is any improvements that need to be made, they can do it. Hopefully they can make a big leap going into Killzone 3.

Oldsnake0073162d ago

This article fails.
GG is not from Germany, there are from Netherlands.

Tomdc3162d ago

I hope it isn't a killzone 3 but something fresh! If they do make a Killzone 3 I think it would be quite cool to prehaps see the world they made in a new light, with more of a story prehaps even being really bold and making it open world!

Downtown boogey3162d ago (Edited 3162d ago )

No, sir. You and the first comment fail.

Oldsnake0073162d ago (Edited 3162d ago )

Are you stupid or something ?

GG is not from Germany.

I see, they have fixed it.

bnaked3162d ago

Killzone 3 will blow us away! Killzone 2 has flaws, because they was focused on the development of the engine.. Now they can focus on the gameplay, so it will be the ultimative Sci-Fi-War-Experience. I believe in Guerilla and Sony..

Microsoft Xbox 3603162d ago

I want to see their engine applied to other types of games. K2 is one of the best looking games of this gen. Right up there with Uncharted 2.

pixelsword3162d ago

Among the first four types of specialists (ISA Regulars [Tank Armor], Shadow Marshalls, Field Operatives, and Rapid Resistance Forces), you'll also get the added Shock Troopers, Infiltrators, Snipers, Medics, Mechanics, and other positions from Killzone 2's multiplayer... likely along with Mercs from the first game and possibly troops with dogs like from Liberation. If I'm not mistaken, the first and second Killzone were both intended to be co-op, but hurdles came in the development cycle of both titles (the PS2 was too "limited" for the Killzone engine, and GG had to uphold/exceed the graphical quality of that trailer). Now that these hurdles have been overcome, co-op shouldn't be a problem. The biggest hurdle I see them taking on is splitscreen (which was also canned) the first Killzone was supposed to be so, as they even had it on the back of the cover, but didn't have it in the actual game.

Also, expect to see Hakka take the stage this time, as the Helgans are most likely to invade Vekta and will need someone with his knowledge of the inner workings of the Helgan military. Luger may appear, seeing as you'll most likely need someone to infiltrate the entrenchments, but I think Billingsworth will fill in that spot, since he was the one to lead Templar out of the fire from the first Killzone, I suspect he has the skill and intelligence to fill-in for Luger for the next chapter.

Also, expect to see vehicles and tanks this time, as I suspect that all of the break-away technology from the first one was just a stepping stone to Killzone 3.

Jamegohanssj53162d ago

Maybe they're doing another genre before they do Killzone 3. At least I hope they are.


Chubear3162d ago

All I know is, I will be buying, GW, ANYTHING this studio puts out. They are on another level when it comes to action thrills in video games.

If it is KZ3 then great obviously but if it is a new action adventure shooter, platformer, RPG - I"M DOWN!

Saaking3162d ago

While I'd love a new IP, I really want to know what happens after KZ2


the cliffhanger really did leave us hanging. With Visari dead (or is he?) I wonder what the Helghast are gonna do. From the looks of it, they are gonna try to invade vekta, or maybe even Earth again.

kaveti66163162d ago

I'm pretty sure he's dead, Saaking.

"The madness....the madness.... begins..."

Yeah, homeboy Rico grilled his innards.

zeeshan3162d ago

GG is working hard on a new titles.
Insomniac also working on multiple new titles
Naughty Dog are already discussing new games
SuckerPunch working on new games
David Jaffe working on a PS3 exclusive

That's simply from the top of my head. MAANNNN the Sony machine is churning out high quality games as if it's a piece of cake! Sony has something big planned for PS3. I think they want to completely destroy the competition with their first and second party exclusives in the next 2 years.

BattleAxe3162d ago

KZ3 is a day one purchase for me :) I would love to see a remake of the first Killzone as that game was obviously not what GG wanted to put out there.

cLiCK_sLiCK93162d ago

I have a gut feeling GG new project will be announced at the VGA's along with Resistance 3. Sony would own!

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Lou Ferrigno3162d ago

uh oh,bots will be terrified.. with the 360's timed 2010 exclusives hitting next year and "exclusive" multiplatforms they will claim as they own (e.g Modern warfare 2)..

Dutch Boogie3162d ago

I hope it's a new major project. I want to see what else they can achieve with the Killzone 2 engine. I'd rather KZ3 release in 2011 so they can improve on it.

rtonaey3162d ago

It might be to speed up work for an early release of Killzone 3.

I think it's for Killzone 3 but you never know.

table3162d ago (Edited 3162d ago )

I can see pressure being put on them for a christmas 2010 release of killzone3. I can't wait for it, the sooner the better as long as it is not rushed out. There's nothing to suggest that they would be working on a new game before kz3.

TOO PAWNED3162d ago

I also hope it's something else, hopefully some 3rd person game. I am sick of FPS games to be honest.
3rd person games are way more cooler. Uncharted, Infamous come to mind.

raztad3162d ago (Edited 3162d ago )

Next year is for Resistance 3 to shine. KZ3 may be a 2011 release.

I'm guessing GG is expanding KZ3 in new ways. Including coop for instance. A coop based campaign or side missions coop like R2 would be incredible although time/budget consuming.

I doubt it's a second game. Besides the amazing Insomniac, Sony's first/second party studios are working on only one franchise.

TruthBTold3162d ago

I feel you, I too feel more excited about 3rd person shooters compared to fps's. Thats why my favorite franchise is uncharted, I just love how it plays. FPS's are more of the same really. KZ2 was great but I just dont play it as much as uncharted. I wish we did have more 3rd person shooters.

execution173162d ago

didn't they say that got the KZ2 engine looking as good as that bullet commercial they did for KZ2?

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This massive project is to infiltrate MS's Head Quarters and destroy every 360 in production and to then destroy their production resources.