Google Unveils Chrome OS

Google gave the world a first look at the Chrome OS. The press event confirmed what was suspected when Google announced it was working on a netbook operating system four months ago -- it would emphasize speed and simplicity. As the tech world tests versions of the operating system that were compiled from Google's source code it is looking like the project's priorities may be weaknesses.

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rtonaey3076d ago

Things are really getting heated amongst the two giants.

Finally, I company to give the big MS a challenge

darkequitus3076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )

I just tried it through Virtualbox. At the moment it is nothing more that a glorified web browser, with a few icons to Google docs, Hulu, facebook etc. I supposed if that is all you want from an operating system.

Anyway that is just a first impression. I will keep trying it to se how it pans out and things progress.

marcus j3076d ago

Microsoft a challenge i laugh in your face, us at microsoft will own any company in our way look what we done to sony with the ps3.

Google is over rated and lame anyway.

Bobby Kotex3076d ago

You're definitely not owning anyone when it comes to grammar skills.

ActionBastard3076d ago

I too am running it in VirtualBox and for an OS not even in beta, I enjoyed it. Buggy? Absolutely. But so's Windows 7. And Mac OS. And Linux (dependent on running kernel). With it still being a full year away, this is really shaping up surprisingly well.

sikbeta3076d ago

Chrome OS is based on Debian, something that is good against viruses + crap and really speed up the PC, it uses the same installation process like Ubuntu/Debian, but I don't really like the "cloud computing" thing, I mean is perfect when you are going to install a new application/program and it let your PC safe from malware, but if you need teh internetz for everything you want to save or store, is just a pain in the BALLZ

sikbeta3076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )

Well, now I know the definition of a Micro$oft Fanboy lol

You know everyone in the world use Window$ because there isn't a REAL option

MAC is an expensive JOKE

Linux is still running by NERDS

Ubuntu (part of Linux and based on Debian, I know) is Young and starting to walk on its own feet and making HUGE steps, but is still pointed as part of the NERDIE Linux family

The only thing Google need to do is make a powerful and better API to counter DirectX and by make it free, you'll see everyone GAMER + Average Joe jump to the Google OS

RememberThe3573076d ago

Windows 7 is working great for me and I haven't had any problems. But competition is always nice and with these two going at it we will be the one to benefit.

TotalPS3Fanboy3076d ago

then GoogleOS is for you.

If you're the type of user that uses Photoshop, then MacOS is for you.

If you're the type of user that love Blue Screen of Death, then Windows is for you.

IdleLeeSiuLung3076d ago

I guess then, if Mac OSX is too expensive and Linux/Unix is for geek (read complicated to use) then Windows must be a great bang for the buck? It seems like the majority have already decided.

----------------------------- --------

Chrome OS is interesting, because I tend to enjoy everything Google makes. Gmail awesome! Chrome browser, awesome! However, privacy not so much!

That is why I tend to shy away from Google products, as they don't respect the users privacy. Now they are making an OS that is hosted in the cloud on Google services. Google whom is the leader in search and likely data mining.

Let's not forget that, MS has been building operating systems for a long time. To successfully compete with MS is NOT just slapping your brand on a slightly modified version of Linux. We already have gazillion of them.

Thanks, but no thanks to Google due to privacy issues!

DevastationEve3076d ago

If you want hardware that's made by a company that would love to sell you Apple-branded toilet paper because it's "higher quality" and they could get away with it then Mac is for you.


Windows PC and Apple Mac are both made of the same core components. The only thing different is that Apple controls the entire system building process (hardware and software) and also the only people that can sell Apple products are Apple-authorized stores. So because they have no competition like how in the PC world we have Dell Gateway Toshiba HP and Sony all competing Apple can price their hardware WAY above what it's worth. Both PC and Mac use CPUs by Intel (PCs also get AMD) and they both use GPUs by nVidia or ATi. Hard drives, optical drives, memory, it's remarkably identical on both sides.

TotalPS3Fanboy3076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )

I don't know why you would perceive Apple as high quality, and I also don't know why you are hell-bent on downplaying your own perception of the high quality of Apple.

Anyway, if you're the type of use that uses Photoshop, MacOS is for you.

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Christopher_Walken3076d ago

I wish it wasn't open source. I'd like to see Google to go into the home computer and business OS area. Something that everybody would use.

ActionBastard3076d ago

There are 2 versions. An open source version and a Google controlled (exactly like Chrome browser).

sikbeta3076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )

Open Source is not bad, is just cheap, but It can perfectly be a good friend for your PC

dkgshiz3076d ago

Firefox is open source and its one if not the biggest web browser on the planet. Look at IE. Total garbage.

Eiffel3076d ago

Hope it doesn't look tacky like the browser.

Model3076d ago

you mean the super slick design of Chrome ?

Eiffel3076d ago

If by super slick you mean tacky, then yes.

PS360PCROCKS3076d ago

tacky? I have the Droid and it's Google based and I love the way it looks.

DJ3076d ago

I hate how it only takes up 5% of the top of my screen, if that. I hate how it runs way faster than any other browser out there. I also hate how secure it is. I haven't gotten a single piece of malware since I started using it, which obviously sucks. Integrating google search into the address bar was definitely a BAD move too. >_>

RememberThe3573076d ago

I have to agree. Chrome isn't any faster than Firefox for me, and it's too simple making it so that I cann't do many things Firefox can.

If anything that is what I would call it - too simple. I wouldn't call it tacky or slick. I definitely prefer Firefox still.

jack_burt0n3075d ago

Chrome is the only browser now.

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ForROME3076d ago

I currently have it running through vm ware, people need to forget about how it looks, A its very early and B knowing Google you will be able to customize it

MS has gotten old, I use Windows 7 and Love it, Im an IT Manager but MS turn is over, they didnt do so well over all. Google it time to slowly dominate

sikbeta3076d ago

The thing Google need to do is make a proper and better DirectX contender, something Canonical (Ubuntu Staff) is not making and we'll see everyone jumping to Google OS, that's the only thing that give M$ the edge and I'm 1000% sure Google can DO IT

DJ3076d ago

And one that requires wi-fi access for everyone in the nation (and world). But we'll eventually get there, kind of like how everyone qualifies for television in the U.S. Google's ideas are amazing, but I probably won't feel secure unless Microsoft and Apple follow in their footsteps and add some competition to the Cloud Computing Market.

The level of security that they're packing into Chrome OS though is frickin' incredible, and I love the user interface.

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