Steam Top 10 Weekly Sales Chart, November 15-21

Steam has released its top ten sellers list for the week ending on November 21.

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ThanatosDMC2946d ago

Btw, Zombie Shooter 2 just came out on steam too. It's basically Alien Shooter 2 Reloaded but zombies. I bought it for $10 but the Alien version just seems a lot better. Buy it later for less... like when it drops to $5.

Bobby Kotex2946d ago

So much for the MW2 boycott.

QQcrybaby2945d ago

So much for the L4D2 boycott.

Madusha2945d ago

Lol agreed with both. Those boycotts never got anywhere.

MW2 Boycott fail:

likedamaster2945d ago

Try posting the exact amount it sold. This is not news.