Microsoft sued over DVR patent negotiations

A group of inventors are suing Microsoft over claims that the software maker hoodwinked them out of the technology behind Microsoft's Ultimate TV digital video recorder system.

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wolfgang3795d ago

Anyone keeping count of the numbers of lawsuit against those giants (Microsoft & Sony) ?

Dr Pepper3795d ago

Don't forget that Nintendo was sued over the design of the Wiimote.

power of Green 3795d ago

I feel left out I havn't sued MS yet.

BIadestarX3795d ago

I knew this was coming... If microsoft successfully releases IPTV... how many companies you think will be affected? Obviously people will want some of that money. Let's hope this people have enough money to combat microsoft and their lawyers.

Xbot_Killer3795d ago

accuses msoft of stealing intellectual property...what a

BIadestarX3795d ago

yet someone says yet someone else accuses msoft of stealing intellectual property...what a

You should't just believe everything you hear... you can't just steal intellectual property that easy. Ask Sony how much it cost them to do so... and how much it will probably cost them if they are found guilty about the blu-ray issue.

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