Top Ten Dumb Videogame PR Moments

The old saying is that "there is no such thing as bad press". While quite possibly true some of these situations do little more than make the parent company either foolish or idiotic. Here are what I believe to be quite possibly the dumbest public relations mishaps of recent memory in relations to the videogame industry. These are in no particular order.

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Saaking3077d ago

Aaron Greenburg, Dan Greenawalt, and other MS employees can poplulate this list all by themselves. MS has some of the worst (or best if you consider that's their job) PR people ever. I really can't see how they're able to keep a straight face with all the BS they spew.

Oh, and the PS3 launch should not be on there. Just becuase some couldn't afford it doesn't make it bad. Resistance was great and Bluray high definition was just amazing. 600 bucks for a PS3 was a steal.

table3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

it's not that some people couldn't afford it, it's more the words sony used to adevertise the ps3 to the consumer. It was a joke to be honest but thankfully they have learnt from their arrogant mistakes. Remember, if it wern't for the 360 we probably wouldn't have as good an experience we are getting with the ps3 and it would most definately still be at a much higher price point. The 360 made sony up their game and naturally stopped them from getting away with that horrible PR at launch by being the cheaper system that offered better value at the time. 600 bucks certainly is not a steal, I can accept that you have gotten your moneys worth but you cant say that it's a bargain with a straight face... you can type it on n4g for sure.

DelbertGrady3077d ago

Yeah yeah, we get it. Nothing Sony related should be on the list and everything else should be bashing teh M$. Sony - Jesus, M$ - Satan.

Chill out, buddy.

Godmars2903077d ago

You hvae to admit, the incident where the homeless Chinese immigrant was brought up on stage as the first PS3 owner, who later handed it over to the Yakuza so it could be sold off on Ebay, was a low point.

whoelse3077d ago

The Goat Feast for God of War stunt was a good one because hit brought publicity of the GOW II game to the front of newspapers, and even the TV news!

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MajestieBeast3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

Big surprise vgchartz made a list full of Sony moments. Where is turn 10 on this list?

mintaro3077d ago

They probably cancelled it out with RIDGE RACCEEERRR!!!

Seems fair doesn't it?

ReservoirDog3163077d ago

My favorite line ever spoken by the higher ups:

Y'know, things break.

- Peter Moore speaking about the 360 RROD

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