Bioshock 2 Collector's Edition: Video emerged

PC Games published a Video of Bioshock 2 Collector's Edition. Official or not, what do you mean?

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ablecain3187d ago

The image on that website looks totally fake

IRetrouk3187d ago

the vid makes it look even more fake, good try though.

foxtheory3187d ago

but whether it's fake or not, I'm still getting the Special Edition no matter what.

Sangria3187d ago

For one time we have a proper quality leaked video, it's a fake one. How sad.
Just take a look at the very end of the video, the right side of the stuff is pretty much deformed. It's just an empty paper box.

Close_Second3187d ago

...these collector's editions. Most the time its just a cuople of items that have no real worth. Worst collector's edition items have to be redeem codes for items you can earn by playing the game anyway.

Collector's editions mainly sell because of the hype around a games release. Once the hype is gone then the market for a collector's edition goes with it. Just look at the number of second hand sales for collector's editions where most are going for a fraction of the original price even when they are in mint condition!

I think they should, for the majority of purchases, call them "Sucker's Edition".

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