Ten Best Mario Suits from the Super Mario Bros. Games

Since the first of the Super Mario Bros. games back on the good 'ole original Nintendo Entertainment System, Mario (and his brother Luigi) have enjoyed a variety of special abilities bestowed upon them based on which kind of suit they've donned. In honor of Nintendo's recently-released New Super Mario Bros. game for the Wii, the Game Guys rank the ten best Mario suits of all time.

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matm6663163d ago

The author is wrong about #10 you can see the boot suit again in Mario and Luigi Bowsers Inside Story, well is not a Mario plattformer game but still.

Also I would make a distinction between suits and power ups, as I consider the star a power up, not a suit.

Marceles3163d ago

Meh...Metal Mario was boring and mostly used to run underwater to throw switches. Really fun to do. /end sarcasm

Tanooki should've been 1 or 2. Invincible, Tanooki, and Fire should've been the top 3. Or you could put Cape Mario in the top 3 as well...btw not being on the list is also a fail. Adding 2 suits from New Super Mario Bros Wii...sigh, come on dude, pick Propeller or Penguin and put Cape Mario in there.

MonopolyRSV3163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

The dude is also wrong about not being able to fly with the Tanooki suit.