Battlefield: Bad Company 2: 30 Minutes of pure Gameplay

30 minutes of gameplay footage from the PS3 beta of Battlefield: Company 2.

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deadreckoning6663190d ago

...for people who don't have the beta :)

TooTall193190d ago

the beta is awesome. so many tricks to learn

Saaking3190d ago

It's a great game and they still have months to polish it. Can't wait to March! I've already preordered it.

toaster3190d ago

I can't wait for PC beta. I actually feel sorry for 360 owners. They don't get to experience the glory that is Battlefield until it actually releases.

Any word on when the PC beta releases?

Liquid Dust3190d ago

is rediculously addictive, especially when you have a solid team.

Its definitely a different beast than mw2. I am currently indifferent whether to say one or another is better, but I will say that it will be definitely be a great change of pace when it does release and gamers looking to spread their wings to a more tactical shooter with much much larger environments and vehicles

March is going to be facken ridiculous friends

raztad3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

Is it just me or this video looks way better than what I actually see on my TV. The beta is plagued with jaggies.

Please guys, I'd love some feedback on the jaggies thing. All the videos I'd watched are mighty smooth (not jaggies whatsoever). I'm guessing it's because those videos are low res.

EDIt: thanks Panda. Good feedback as ever. Those jaggies really hurts the presentation of an otherwise pretty good looking game.

Pandamobile3190d ago

Frostbite games on the 360 and PS3 don't use anti-aliasing.

BLuKhaos3190d ago

Anyone who thinks otherwise is a retarded chimp with gimped fingers.

Madusha3190d ago

Holy 0.0 the graphics and gameplay = unbelievable. Feels a bit like MW2. I'm very impressed by the graphics and the destructible environments. Can't wait to see the final product.

jhooty143190d ago

more like 30 min of pure awesomeness

vhero3190d ago

The BETA is great SOOO much better than modern warfare 2.

Irish-Republican3190d ago

going to get the beta today can't wait:)

RedSky3190d ago

The thing that annoys me about the whole Battlefield series in particular is it looks like you spend a significant amount of time just running around either trying to find someone or moving to objectives. I know that you kind of need that open room for vehicles to work, but it's just never made the whole series that enticing for me.

I've always preferred the more tightly knit feel of CS or MW1 because it just puts you in the action much quicker without wasting any time at all.

I guess it's a different kind of game though.

vhero3190d ago

@redsky above I used to think that but thats the whole point of squad team work. When your the last man staying alive becomes super important as if you die you do go back to beginning as a SQUAD it adds that extra EDGE to the game and thus make it more fun actually. It's weird how it works.

randomwiz3190d ago

the thing that i love about bc2 is that it takes skill.

in mw, you can be skilled in that game and be really good(like me :D), but there's always that random nade, martyrdom noobs, and host advantage.

IzKyD13313190d ago

It definitely is different than Modern Warfare 2 (I'm not in the beta but I've played it with a friend who is). BC2 is way more objective and team based, while MW2 is just kill anything that moves

Graphics3190d ago

the game is too silent when you play. it feels like the tv is muted which makes the battle feel empty.. too much running around and the guns lack a lot of detail. all the weapons look fake, but when you reach the object areas where you have to plant or defend a base it can get hectic, but it just doesnt feel fun to me, cause of the lack of good sound effects. they need to make the game more loud and noisy so you can feel the action. MAG and CoD has a lot of noise when you playing even some music which makes the battles feel intense, BC2 needs to do the same.

toaster3190d ago

"MAG and CoD has a lot of noise when you playing even some music which makes the battles feel intense, BC2 needs to do the same."

You sir, have crappyfpsgamecalledcod-itis.

The beta is running on an old engine. The new one will be in the final game.

Also, did you try turning your speakers up?

evrfighter3190d ago

"the game is too silent when you play. it feels like the tv is muted which makes the battle feel empty."

Well the trick to that is actually not be afraid to pick assault and pound some ground. If you a pick a sniper and hide what are you expecting?

evrfighter3190d ago

I've played it one day so far. It was so very very entertaining on the ps3. I'm amazed at how console players don't move when they are getting shot at. I usually went 40-50 kills to 20 deaths.


I stopped playing because I felt the jaggies getting to me and I decided I'd better wait for the pc beta to come out. So that I can enjoy it to the fullest.

Graphics3190d ago

I have crappyfpsgamecalledcod-itis.?

I dont even like Cod, heck I dont even like FPS games, the only reason i have CoD is cause I got tired of all my friends begging me to buy the game EVERYDAY!!!

yes I have the volume up on my TV.. the only thing I hear is the gun fire from my own gun, or the sirens when bomb has been planted. I cant even hear other peoples guns when they firing.

jjohan353190d ago

I am one of the few who don't like the beta. I've always hated the rush game mode in the battlefield series. My personal favorite has always been conquest mode.

BLuKhaos3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

the thing is that even if you pick a sniper, the game is far from silent.The sound in this game is spectacular, all the guns sound different even if you're on one end of the map and the guy firing the gun is on the other end, the sounds are still distinguishable.Battlefield sounds just like what you would hear if you spend a day in or near a combat zone.

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RockmanII73190d ago

Does your character move the same way as in the first game? I just played the demo for the first one (never bought it), and I can't stand how your character moves (slow, hard to control, ect.).

deadreckoning6663190d ago

Im fine with the way my character moves. Maybe u have Call of Duty-itus?

Saaking3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

It easy to control and responsive. I've got no problems with it. I like the slight weighty field (kinda like KZ2 but not as much).

friendlies have a blue triangle (green if they're part of you're squad) above them, enemies do not. It takes some time, but you get used to it.

raztad3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

[email protected] Most probably cod lovers will have a hard time adapting to this game.

The character moves mighty fine, it's even faster than KZ2 (which I love) but still slow enough not to feel floaty.

My problem with this game is I can NOT tell friend from foe. They look the same to me, and I need to double check before to strike.


Yeah, I noticed it. However it's a very subtle difference. I guess I'll get used to it. I wish they change some colors but that would make the game to look unrealistic.

RockmanII73190d ago

I don't really play CoD, but I do play as a super solder from the future...

jhooty143190d ago

i no alot of ppl will disagree with me yet i think cod is one of the best fps games out there....i dont know i just like the controls of cod there very smooth like uncharted 2 controls

toaster3190d ago

Did you seriously just compare CoD to Uncharted??

pixelsword3190d ago

it does to me, but you can adjust your settings for your controls.

randomwiz3190d ago

im a COD fanatic but these controls aren't a bother to me.

it just takes people to realize there are more games out there other than cod and halo to be fine with the controls.

aaronisbla3190d ago

Be sure to adjust the sensitivity settings, as the default makes you turn like a turtle

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akaFullMetal3190d ago

i've been playing the hell out of this, it is so great, especially with the destructible environments.

D4RkNIKON3190d ago

I agree, here is what this game has over COD.

Destructible environments, When you have to defend the target areas they are usually located inside of small buildings so when you camp there you have a sense of safety as you guard the doorways, then all of the sudden... BOOM and the wall behind you blows away exposing daylight as you stand completely out in the open!

Large maps that you continue to push forward. Some may think that it means you will be doing a lot of running, well squads are good for spawning further into the map as well as vehicles!

Squads are awesome, it is a lot like Killzone's squad system and I really like that. You can spawn off of any on in your squad any where on the map. So just having one player stay alive in a good location (sniping maybe) is great for teamwork. Teamwork is vital and really adds to the tactic aspect of the game. I was in a tank with a friend on the mounted gun, he was an engineer so when ever I would take damage, he would hop out and using the tank as cover repair me. Survived a few tank battles that way ;)

Vehicles are great for getting across great distances fast as well as using them for their mounted weapons. Tanks can LEVEL buildings and take out any cover the enemy has while exposing objectives from inside.

These are just a few things I enjoyed from the beta that you just don't get in COD4 or MW2.

elorm93190d ago

I remember one time, I was hiding in a building thinking I was safe and all :)

Next thing I know, a tank blew up the wall and that was pretty much it for me. Totally wasn't expecting that!

-Alpha3190d ago

that a game like this is not bashed for being a rehash when it's pretty much the exact same thing, yet MW2 gets bashed for being a rehash.

Of course, I find nothing wrong with MW2 and BC2 borrowing the gameplay from its predecessors (hence the reason why its called a sequel).

The beta is great. I actually have an additional code by luck. The graphics are pretty underwhelming though, but this is a beta and I'm sure it will polish up.

This is nothing like COD so I don't know why people are hyping this to be "better" when both games are so different.

The open, vehicle-themed, destructibility of BC2 makes for a very nice change of pace.

I wonder how MAG will turn out since it seems to be Battlefield without the focus on vehicles and destructibility.

Anyways, the beta is fun. I absolutely love the presentation of the game and the whiteness of the menus. It all looks very polished and slick.

I may pick this one up, but people need to stop hyping this alongside MW2 because both games are different and both are great-- there's no need to hate one in order to like the other.

akaFullMetal3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

Well the company behind bfc2 isn't claiming giving you less is actually a bonus to us the players. Plus screwing up the pc version as far as we know, also they are using dedicated servers.

Plus graphically it is an improvement and has taken away the grain film it had before. Another thing is having destructible environments just beats anything that is out on the market now, besides red faction.

To top it off, they aren't increasing the price of the game, with no reason like COD.

Saaking3190d ago

Perhaps MW2 wouldn't be bashed as much had it not been for all the stupid decisions made by IW and Activision. The PC version is actuallY WORSE than COD4 and the console version is almost exactly the same thing. They didn't update the graphics or game play. Basically, they added a few new perks, some maps, and that's it.

TheTeam063190d ago

Look at the guys behind the games and you get your answer. Activision are the pricks of this generation. They mess up the PC version of MW2, tell others that they should quit making music games, they believe that their game should cost more than $60, milked the Tony Hawk franchise to smithereens and think that Modern Warfare 2 should be a pay-to-play game. DICE, nor EA (surprisingly, after last-gen), did any of those things.

ambientFLIER3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

Didn't update the graphics? You're ever dumber than I thought. Or blind. Whichever. The level of detail is cranked way up from COD4, the lighting is better, and it runs smoother. Multiplayer looks better than single player from the previous game.

And how was a sequel supposed to significantly update the gameplay? It's COD...

Madusha3190d ago

@Saaking: The gameplay is pretty much the same but the graphics have largely improved. I recently played COD4 campaign all over and when compared with Modern Warfare 2 you can instantly tell the difference with graphics.

Halo3 MLG Pro3190d ago

Very good point. Just your typical sony fanboy defense. Modern Warfare 2 is better on the 360 so since the ps3 version gets a beta first than all of a sudden it's MUCH BETTER.

Same predictable sony fanboy logic.

Consoldtobots3190d ago

"Modern Warfare 2 is better on the 360"

same predictable MS fanboy delusion, you guys really do live in your own little world where YOUR OPINION is taken as fact.

Blaster_Master3190d ago

Actually, Ive had less lag on the ps3 when it comes to MW2. I thought it was my 360 wifi adapter and hardlined it, but nope, its the fact that there are more people on the 360 version I think?

pixelsword3190d ago

(by the way, MAG'S beta was extended)

MAG and B:BC2 feels totally different.

MAG is more for strategy and B:BC is more like a run and gunner from my experience. Both are great, but in different ways.

D4RkNIKON3190d ago

You are brimming with fanboy logic, I love you much you like to point out other people as being fanboys as if you are something better.

RockmanII73190d ago

Isn't the 360 version getting exclusive dlc? If it is, then yes, MW2 is better on the 360. Just like how Batman: AA is better on PS3.

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deno3190d ago

Always been my favorite war game since the first one. I remember while everyone was caught up in call of duty, I was playing this. Meaning the first one.

evrfighter3190d ago

that's usually how most pc gamers went with CoD vs. BF

Battlefield was always the better of the two until EA getting consolitus. Decided not to release Bad Company on the PC which left CoD4 without a real competitor. Stupid decision on EA's part. As we all saw.

They are playing catch up now and were presented with a golden opportunity thanks to IW's decision making this time around. I believe this time around they are pulling out all the stops to make sure the pc gamers are happy.

As ridiculous as this may seem (it sounds really ridiculous but there is a method to my madness). I believe the pc gamers will determine the success of each franchises future. No console gamer will want to play a game labeled as a kiddy game if pc gamers label it so. I'm sure they'd rather play what pc gamers are playing.

If pc gamers play it. The sheep will follow.