Aion Update Released

NCsoft has released pach 1.5.1 for its MMORPG Aion, now available for download.

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Motion3133d ago

yeah, this guy from the examiner always seems to be a day or two behind on his articles.

DirtyLary3133d ago

How's the grind these days?

All my friends that were hyped and day one players have all quit due to the Korean grind from hell. WOW has made them soft.

Pennywise3133d ago

I don't know what they are talking about "grind" Some levels have a clear lack of quests... but supposedly it is fixed with this patch & the next.

All of my friends stopped playing, which makes me bored. Too many AAA games to be addicted to a MMO anyways.

Baka-akaB3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

It's not that they are soft , they game clearly makes you , or made you , since it's getting fixed , you grind often without much rewards or even risks .

See i could have fun for hundred of hours grinding in a game like demon souls that actually challenge you ... but not at all in the same way in Aion ... where you basically play it safe while endlessly kill the same safe mobs .

Sure in abyss there is the danger of being pked while questing ... but that's hardly a big issue . especially when you dont even get penalised for suicide .

The truth is a lot of High level players so far , got there with a bot . hence the numerous bans lately since the patch