VGChartz: Dragon Age: Origins (PC) Review

Dragon Age: Origins is an excellent RPG, but one that was clearly designed with a specific platform in mind, and thus suffers on the platforms it was ported to. The brilliant and challenging gameplay on PC will satiate the expectations of even the most avid PC RPG gamers, but the console versions represent a significantly reduced experience all around. Nevertheless, with the excellent narrative and great characters, this is a game worth playing no matter where you buy it.

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bmw693194d ago

One of the best games of the gen so far!

champ213194d ago

pc verson >>>>>>>&g t;>>>>>>>& gt;> any other version

dktxx23194d ago

ya it has to be better on the pc. i found the interface on the console to be really clunky and akward. but ti feels like it would fit perfectly on the pc.

Spazz3194d ago

Is there CO-OP for this game?

champ213194d ago

naa its a single player rpg. though its 60hours already and alot of fun so many choices to make.

configuring the AI npcs on the pc version is awesome (dont know if consoles do that).

anyways this game is my candidate for GOTY.

sagapo3194d ago

I love this game but sometimes it can get pretty hard if you don't have a balanced team tho.

Nihilism3194d ago

Just finished only 5 minutes ago, 65 hours it took me, god damn it's a good, game can't wait for the next playthough, there better be a dragon age 2 soon though, i wanna know wtf happened with morrigan...if you choose to do a certain thing.

Cosquae3194d ago

I kind of hope that what happened with Morrigan is what the sequel is going to be about. Will probably have to wait about 2 years at least to find out. Great game though. 80 hours first play through, second time around probably closer to 65.

Nihilism3194d ago

I still hold on to the hope that Morrigan was sincere ( it helps me sleep at night ;) ), and that she doesn't have goals for world domination.

Flemeth and Morrigan were easily the 2 most interesting characters in the game for me, I can't wait to hear what happened, I honestly hope they release it as DLC, but I doubt it, as you said, it's probably a big part of the story for the inevitable sequel

Tex1173194d ago

We all want to know what happens with Morrigan.

She was a very well written character, especially at the end.

I think she was sincere about it all, especailly if you have the approval at 100%.

Solbadguy3194d ago

this game on PC really shines over the console versions so if you have a capable PC then you must get it on that. The PC interface and tactical cam which is not present in the consoles version make all the difference for a better experience overall on the PC.

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