Are New Firmware Updates Tough On Older PS3 Models?

Ben Dutka of PsxExtreme writes: "If you're considering upgrading your old PlayStation 3 to one of the new Slim models, there are multiple reasons in support of that idea. But there may be another one you haven't considered..."

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PirateThom3192d ago

It could also be that the HDD needs a rebuild if it's that old, rather than an issue with the firmware. In fact, I'd say you'd have to consider the number of people with no problems.

Saaking3192d ago

My PS3 still runs fine as well. I think it's just a problem limited to people who don't take care of their stuff. Maybe they have it to cramped up with no ventilation or something.

MEsoJD3192d ago

I'm tired of people thinking that the new slim is some how superior to

my 60 gb. Less features and smaller size doesn't make a system better.

Megaton3192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

I've gone through 2 PS3 phats (1 was a refurb), and I kept them in immaculate condition, like all of my electronics. I've owned every mainstream console since the NES, and the only other one I had issues with was my launch PS2, which died DRE style exactly 1 year to the day after launch.

All of my other friends have never had issues with their PS3's, about half of which are 60gig owners, but it's foolish to think the only way they break is if you're a slob.

ultimolu3192d ago

I must be extremely lucky because I haven't had any issues with firmware and I have the older model. o_O

Hope it stays that way.

Genesis53192d ago

I have both. A 60 gig launch in my front room and a 120 gig slim in my bedroom. I take care of them and dust them once a week and I have never had any problems with either of them. The slim is still pretty new but I have logged 65 hrs of Dragon age and added version 3.10 without a hitch.

Guido3192d ago

They both update fine and run great. Sorry, but this is not some Microsoft console we are talking about. Failure rates are far and few between on the PS3. Only the media likes to make a mountain out of the mole hill since they have to dig so deep to find any negative news on the PS3 and only have to sift over a small puddle of information to find anything negative about their precious 360.

andron6663192d ago

There will be more trouble with older models because they have been in use for some time. I think that would explain most of the problems some are reporting.

badz1493192d ago

I have the launch 60GB upgraded to 160GB and had never experience any problem with FW updates. although it YLoD once and somehow I fixed it myself, (out of warranty, so I gave it a shot and it works like a charm!) never gave me problems when it comes to FW! just these 2-3 days, I got disconnected quite sometimes from PSN. but that may be because now I have my siblings back at home and 4 additional laptops are connected to the WiFi at once! I might consider that as WiFi overload!

and a slightly off topic, what is this ABC iView on my XMB? never heard of it being implemented on XMB in 3.10!

Darkfocus3192d ago

which is what most of the firmware related issues are then your drives not bricked there was just an error in the files you downloaded if You format your HD and reinstall the update or just wait till the next update comes out it will be fixed. It's not sonys fault its your ISP's or it could have been PSN too in which case it would have been kinda sonys fault. I always update via PC just to be safe.

Budg3tG4m3r3192d ago

I have an older PS3 and the firmware updates have been a little rough on me. It's not so bad I been using MAC, Linux, and Windows OS or years now and tittle bugs havn't kept me from using them.

ThanatosDMC3192d ago

Well, they NEED to say something's wrong with the PS3... my fat PS3's just fine.

WildArmed3192d ago

60gb never had issues with firmware issues. I'd bet the issues onother stuff then the hardware being outdated

vandaLl_L3191d ago

You don't need to format your hard drive.
All i did was go into the PS3's Recovery Menu>Restore File System.
That worked when my ps3 was reading everything else but could not read games or BR movies. That fixed it. Didn't lose a thing in the process.

waltercross3191d ago

I Had my 60 GB PS3 for awhile now, no Issues at all here.

Armyless3191d ago

I will be sending it in for repair. My first PS3 ran for 16 months non-stop Folding proteins before I got the spikey polygons. This one died in the middle of Demon's Souls during the epic Dragon God. I didn't repair the first one because I was abusing it with [email protected] running 24/7 for 16 months. This one, however, has my Demon's Souls disc and won't cough it up!

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morganfell3192d ago

No problem here. I have 3 PS3s. One is a new Slim 120 but the older 2 are 60GBs and they are singing along.

vhero3192d ago

Wow your electricity bill must be huge lol j/k. I should really get a second PS3 myself now my third 360 died I ain't getting another now MS wont replace AGAIN.

morganfell3192d ago

Yeah, I purchased two at launch. One for the living room and one for the den/game room. But when the Slim launched I couldn't turn down one for the computer room so I could use my Hauppage to rip videos of gameplay.

gamingisnotacrime3192d ago

dont forget the one for the bathroom, lol
When the slim launched i was craving to buy a second PS3, $299 for a PS3 is just to good of a deal to resist, even if i already had one and the slim did not offered any advantage. I did not buy it, i bought games instead and that turned out to be the right choice. Phatso FTW! (specially one with 4 usb, card readers and PS2 BC for GoW games etc ;)

morganfell3192d ago

The bathroom? That's the PSP!

gamingisnotacrime3192d ago

What games do you play (on PS3 and PSP)?

PM me if you prefer.

TruEve3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

There could be some truth to this. I won't jump the gun on possible coincidences, but I'm a victim of FW updates affecting my TREY!

My 60GB got YLOD the day before MGS4 released! It was out of warranty, and I couldn't wait for the game, so I bought a 40GB that day. Now, just 30 minutes ago (days after 3.10), my 40GB died! I'm so upset and sad :(. Because it too is out of warranty by 5 months...


Now I have two dead PS3s. I'll call Sony soon about it to see if there can be any way around this. I really don't want to lose my Demon's Souls data :(.

EDIT: If anyone's wondering, my PS3's are in my basement, elevated on my desk with plenty of ventilation. To top it off, it's cold as hell down here.

gamingisnotacrime3191d ago

verify that it has plenty of Open space

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3192d ago
jack who3192d ago

you would think they would make an Update thaT works with all model

Johnny Rotten3192d ago

oh gosh I think I've seen it all now! lol nice tear hahaha!

Stryfeno23192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

Easy, that's Because XBL is better than PSN..