News4Gamers Radio 06/02/2007

In the latest episode of N4G Radio the crew discusses online gaming petitions, the origins of your Gamertag, and the top ten reasons why the XBox 360 sucks, plus spend some time talking about the latest games including Shadowrun, Forza 2, and Folklore.

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power of Green 4211d ago (Edited 4211d ago )

N4G's; you! the staff need to strike a deal with Comcast and other cable companies for on-demand legit Video games news showings in the states at least!. adding to the cutting edge sections of On-demand-like services. You people would be on top, G4 isn't cutting it. Come on!; real current news that has proven to be current facts from the gaming world on your own section or tab on cable PUBLIC ACCSESS!. You know you want to be part of PSN and IPTV in the future leading the way so WHY NOT EXSPAND IN SOME WAY OR ANOTHER??.

razer4210d ago (Edited 4210d ago )

The top 10 reasons why N4G SUCKS! =)

chrno64210d ago

Haven't listended to the podcast yet but may be they are talking about the hardware, which is true. O wait, hardware is only 1 of the what are the other 9? lol

Vojkan4210d ago

Very good podcast. Keep up the good work

BIadestarX4210d ago

I downloaded NG4 podcast once... and after spending a few minutes of constant xbox 360 flame I just simply delete it. We get enough flamebait here, I didn't want to put off with having to listen to it too. If you are a PS3 fanboy and you would like to sharpen your anti-xbox 360 skills in order to come and use them here... this is the perfect podcast for you! I'll probably try again some day... I'm not into self inflicting plain at this moment.

chrno64209d ago

Can I call you ignorant? They said they are do anti-wii and anti-ps3 podcast in the following 2 weeks. They are obviously not ps3 fanboys.

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