Left 4 Dead 2 shambles along, but would be better as DLC

That's not to say Valve abandoned its faithful like the titular survivors of the original. Free DLC was offered, in the form of April's Survival Pack and September's new campaign, Crash Course. But that only strengthens the argument that these new characters, creatures and weapons could have been offered online or in stores as an expansion pack for about $20, and would likely have strengthened the series' following.

As it is, there's nothing about L4D2 that defends the price tag, unless you didn't play the original or are a rabid zombie slayer. And if that's the case, then you don't care about a measly $60. You just want to load your shotgun and get blastin'...

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Pandamobile3191d ago

A year's worth of pure development time for free DLC? Hardly seems logical.

Sarcasm3191d ago

A year? I doubt it's even a year. They could have probably made it in 6 months.

Pandamobile3191d ago

They started brainstorming ideas for L4D2 soon after L4D was released.

Blow Out Your Brains3191d ago

Sooo many fanboys are so upset about this game. Just deal with it that you can't play it and go back to Uncharted 2 with Tenzin and Eleana, that sounds like fun. Repetitive platforming and dim witted puzzle solving or mass zombie slaughtering and decapitating, hmmmmm, tough choice.

solar3190d ago

i have never seen so many so obsessed with a game they preach they will never play or dont care about.