Netflix Instant Streaming - PlayStation LifeStyle Review

PlayStation LifeStyle writes, "Netflix has offered instant streaming for quite some time now. The Xbox 360 has enjoyed Netflix instant streams since late 2008. Additionally other consumer electronics devices support the popular streaming service. It was only a matter of time and a natural fit for the jack of all media, the PlayStation 3, to support Netflix."

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DoucheVader3078d ago

Disc works great, pretty happy with the streams myself. Anyone have any problems?

MEsoJD3077d ago

but I still want the downloadable version coming down the road. Call me

lazy but I don't like taking out my copy of demons souls to watch

streamed movies.

Lifendz3077d ago

figured I'd see what all the fuss is about. The TV selection for the instant stream shows looks great. I missed out on Lost, Heroes, and Dexter so having all those shows is going to be great. The movies are kinda lame. I did watch Porkys for the first time last night, but other than that I didn't see much. The Anime selection was decent.

The Netflix site itself is kinda weird. First off it cost 2 bucks extra to get blu-ray movies. Then I went to new releases and didn't really see anything new. I didn't see a coming soon tab which is kinda weird. I actually went to Amazon and browsed their movie selection to then physically type in the name of movies I wanted. The streaming has potential, and getting a steady stream of movies is going to be cool so I'll see if I'll keep it.

My PS3 disc should go out on Monday so I guess I'll have to wait and see how good it looks on my PS3.

BigPete79783078d ago

I've been thinking about getting netflix. This is just another reason to get it since I'm always on my PS3.

Armyless3077d ago

i haven't actually considered a subscription like this until now

wolfehound223077d ago

Love this feature and should be even better a year from now when we can get rid of the disk. Now just bring on some more quality titles.

T3mpr1x3077d ago

No surround sound? Meh...

DoucheVader3077d ago

No 5.1, but so far I haven't seen any stream or DL service that does 5.1 for premier content. Maybe 5.1 just adds to much to the bandwidth.

wolfehound223077d ago

lol well I am streaming full movies over the internet through my PS3 onto my 52" TV I can live without the surround sound for now :).

Christopher3077d ago

No stream service offers this. The thing is, sound is the real reason why video files get so large. Images are easy to compress with a low-level of loss. Going 5.1 would increase the size of the files to be streamed a ridiculous amount.

billjimbob3077d ago

Xbox 360 1080p Instant-On does 1080p 5.1...

Christopher3077d ago

Actually, it doesn't even stream 1080p... What they're offering is the potential for 1080i w/5.1 audio. Streaming, though, that's just not going to happen.

Essentially, Microsoft is claiming to offer the sun and the moon and they'll deliver something that people who don't know better won't know the difference.

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Sarick3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

It's very nice at first I had issues figuring out how to access the menu. Figured out that the up /down on the d-pad would navigate to the movies ans tabs.

These look good on my slow DSL connections I was very surprised that it worked this well.

Netflix sends you a disk you put it in and it issues a number to confirm the device. I didn't even have to input my user name and password on the PS3 it just knew I was the account holder.

I wonder if I can put it on another PS3 in my house so it can play in another room.

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