The Lifecycle of a Gaming Console

The original Xbox console had a lifespan of about four years, launching in 2001 and then being retired in 2005 following the launch of the Xbox 360. It had a great run, birthing such franchises as Halo, Forza Motorsport and Fable, and it introduced the almighty Xbox Live in 2002. Fast-forward to the present day and we have the Xbox 360 with a whole slew of hit games and the upgraded Xbox Live experience. On the flipside, there's the PlayStation 2 followed by the PlayStation 3, each with their own major titles and online services. The PS2 ran its course in nearly six years. With that in mind, is it still too early to start thinking about the next generation? After all, it's been four years since the release of the Xbox 360. Is an upgrade really necessary? The fact of the matter is, this generation will outlast any previous one, and by a good margin.

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Microsoft Xbox 3603191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

The lifespan of the average 360 is about 6 months give or take.

The lifecycle of an MS backed product is less than 4-5 years. Expect MS to withdraw from the console race next year.

Jump out bots. MS will abandoned you once again.

Sunny_D3191d ago

Wii: 5 years
PS3 6 to 10 years
360: 1 hour Lol

Lou Ferrigno3191d ago

haha yea dude 360 exclusives lasted only 2 years..
but ssshhhhhh dont make the bots scared and cry.

Exias3190d ago

I'm hoping that my PS3 lasts as long as my PS2. I've had my PS2 since day 1 but it can barely read disks. I've never been an xbox owner but I am considering getting one for Xmas. The reliability has been steering me away, but with the new hardware it might be time to "jump in". What do you think?

RedPawn3190d ago

I think Mr NES Blaster Master icon, DO IT, I can think of many reasons why you should, but if that's what you want DO IT.

ps360owner093190d ago

But if you are like me you are going to have a hard time finding the time and money to play all the good games that are coming out for both systems. I'm still on forza 3 and magna carta 2 on my 360 and I beat uncharted 2 on the ps3 but I haven't beat the new ratchet game yet or the multiplatform title dragon age. And it's only going to get worse next year with mass effect 2, splinter cell, alan wake, halo reach, god of war 3, heavy rain, white knight chronicles, gran turismo 5, final fantasy 13 etc with most of those titles releasing in the jan-may period.

Exias3190d ago

You're absolutely right, within the past month I have purchased Uncharted 2, Demons souls, MW2, AC2, and Dragon Age which will keep me busy well into 2010. I doubt the 360 deals wont be any better after Xmas, so now might be the time.

ps360owner093190d ago

Just make sure that you get one with a hard drive I think more developers are going to start optimizing their games to take advantage of xbox 360's with hard drives. If I'm not mistaken I think bioware said that dragon age origins runs better when it's installed to the 360 hard drive I wouldn't know though since I didn't get the 360 version.

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RedPawn3190d ago

I just like each one to use their time wisely and push themselves to another level.

Saaking3190d ago

The PS brand has a long cycle. I mean, look at PS2. it's full power wasn't shown until way late into it's life with God of War III. Sony is gonna do the same thing with the PS3. Nintendo is just gonna keep surviving off Mario (hopefully they make a new Zelda before the end of this gen), and I can't predict what MS will do. Next year the 360 turns 5 which could mean they're ready to drop everything and move on. Then again, they may try to stay in the race a bit longer this time. I really think MS should force it's devs to use custom built engines instead of the usual. That'd be the only way we could see the true power of the 360.

RedPawn3190d ago

I hear you, i'm playing the new Jak & Daxter and Gradius V right now. Last Gen was amazing yes and I think this Gen is cool, but there has been way too much nonsense from all positions and it truly is sad. It really is a hit or miss for projects and a blatant disregard on poor choices on all fronts. I truly feel a lot of backbone has been taken from the industry and replaced with arid concepts along w/ arrogance. Gaming has mutated like that yearly Flu strand that finds a way to get worse and passed around carelessly. The trap of the word "FANBOY" has been sprung and it has/is ripping the gaming community apart systematically. I wrote my final paper on VGz in HS, even if there were people who thought VGz where a nerds fantasy. For me nothing has changed but the tactics companies push their product to get me/us to buy them. You know SaaKing you wrote a blog about your time spent w/the Halo franchise, I thought it was cool and I hope more do that w/ the franchise they vehemently defend or downlow talk sh!t about but love it. They say you can't have applesauce without first smashing some apples. I say grab a bowl cause their's plenty of sweet goodness to go around.

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bruddahmanmatt3190d ago

What I find to be most disturbing of all is that while the original xbox had a lifecycle of a mere four years, your typical 360 only has a lifecycle of approximately four months depending on how often and how long you play.

teh cellz3190d ago

Well no matter what I will be very hesitant to ever buy the next microsoft console. 1 RROD and I didn't want to ever go through that again. Besides the console just screams cheap. The first xbox had a lot more soul imho, plus it had some great games for its time.

halo combat evolved, still the best in the series

ninja gaiden black

project gotham racing 2

good times....

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Grandreaper99993190d ago

I remember things being really messy when the 360 had been out for a year, original Xbox totally axed, and the PS2 was still kicking ass, while the PS3 was just sitting around collecting dust and an upgraded gamecube was slaughtering everything else.

Strange times.

And it wasn't too long ago.

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