DarkSiders Video Blow Out

Truthfully I think this game will surprise alot of people. It may become one of those games that are over looked because of the sheer amount of titles released around the same time. Many gamers are a bit bias in the way they purchase video games. But ti anyone that has read X-Men , Deadpool, or Battle Chasers you know Joe Mad.

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dorron3078d ago

Looking forward to this game!!!

This is one of those titles with very little hype that will surprise a lot of people. I'm definitely picking this up.

Milky3077d ago

yeah looks really good.

ExgamerLegends23077d ago

I do like the art style. Especially the Angel models. You see so many ugly demons in video games. The Angels are a nice contrast. But it's just not peeking my interest yet. We'll wait and see.

Grimhammer003077d ago

I have this prepaid....I'm a huge fan of Joe Mad! The game looks sweet and GOW + Zelda sounds like the perfect mix!

Their is a rumor - and it's just evidence I can find....that Mad put the finishing story arc of Battle Chasers in the game as collectibles. If that's true it'll be truly awesome.

regardless, 2010 is the year of actioners!