Celebrities and Gaming: Two Very Bad Examples.

Celebrities and videogaming are not from the same planet. I always cringe at celebrity interviews in videogame magazines regardless that they are necessary evils. Recently it has become more reasonable for these two worlds to collide; especially in cases where the videogame depicts the profession of the celebrity. In these cases it makes money sense for these celebrities to get involved. On the other hand there are the "artists" that are offended that game would dare to imitate their passion.

Which begs the question: Which celebrity do you dislike less – the guy that will put his name on any game and sell out his profession to the point of ridiculousness or the whiny douche that moans about the vague way that a game is hurting his art?

Some of you will likely know exactly who I am referring to in both of these extreme cases. Really, they are an exceptional pair of chodes, but which is worse.

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Ninji3102d ago

The one who has a site that misquotes South Park references to try and make a point.

JeffGrubb3102d ago

It is called a paraphrase.

Relientk773102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

Its Giant Douche and Turd Sandwich, havnt u seen the South Park episode


Parapraxis3102d ago

I didn't care for John Mayer much when he started off, but the last couple albums have been really good.
He is a talented writer and guitarist. He's made the choice to play the music he likes instead of what the record label wants him to (pop songs).
I don't think his tweet (it's twitter ffs) is a big deal.

Tony Hawk must feel embarrassed with RIDE to be honest.

Speaking of douchy people, I can't help but think of Dan "Shoe" Hsu, the guy who started Bitmob.

solidjun53102d ago

You ain't the only one that thinks that. I also think he's a douche.