Think L4D2 is an expansion? You're an idiot

Left 4 Dead 2 released this past week and while most people are having fun with it, there is a dedicated clan of people who are determined to convince the world that Left 4 Dead 2 is not a real game. These people, who we shall class as "idiots," have labeled Left 4 Dead 2 an expansion pack, unworthy of accolade and recognition.

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Whut3132d ago

most of these people are n4g ps3 fanboys so who cares.

3132d ago
Shadow Flare3132d ago

hmm.......when ps3 gamers play modern warfare 2 online for free and 360 gamers have to pay to play the same game online, I wouldn't be so fast to call the ps3 gamers idiots

Perjoss3132d ago

I'm a big fan of Valve, but on this occaision im going to have to agree with the 'idiots'

Domenikos3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

but ey... is Destructoid...

Nothing to see here, they dont even deserve my click

"Idiot" is a very popular term in profesional journalism right?

KiRBY30003132d ago

i guess i am a fuc*ing idiot then...

deadreckoning6663132d ago

I wouldn't say their "idiots". Maybe they feel that Valve promised more than they did in the original L4D. Personally, I don't see it as a mere expansion.

pippoppow3132d ago

Many in the media will defend most games to the point of disrespecting gamers. This game game came out less than one year apart from the first. While there are some minor improvements which is to be expected. Minor is something most can only achieve given the time but it is still a minor upgrade. Most of the gaming media is a joke not only due to bias but because they defend game companies no matter what they do or ignore the negatives. Destructoid is just one of many idiotic sites claiming professionalism. Sad site.

baum3132d ago

They don't like being labelled as idiots for overpaying for DLC, so they have to label somebody else with their own label. lmao, so childish.

3132d ago
Timesplitter143132d ago

It's an expansion pack AND it's great.

There's nothing more to be said.

Parapraxis3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

L4D2 is an expansion.

pixelsword, blog it.

r2kcipher3132d ago

"It's an expansion pack AND it's great."

"There's nothing more to be said."

You can get away with that first line. but there is more to be said... IT'S 59.99 (on 360 at least) come on now!!

Sarcasm3132d ago

I don't know who're the real idiots, the ones calling other people idiots because they aren't stupid into buying expansions or the idiots who plunked down another $60 for an update and tries to convince themselves and other people it's worth it.

Let's face it, Left4Dead2 is a great game. But come on, it should have been an UPDATE and DLC!!! These type of changes are FREEEEEEEEE with mod tools since counterstrike. So go ahead and defend L4D2 while Valve keeps ripping people off since you like it so much.

el zorro3132d ago


Same difference, right?

L4D2 isn't an expansion anymore than 90% of sequels are "expansions". Can anybody please define what is an expansion and what is a legitimate sequel? I see the same thing in L4D2 as I see in any sequel: new gameplay elements, new environments, new narrative, etc.

r2kcipher3132d ago

@el zorro to be honest a game based on multilayer has to do something drastic to be labeled a sequel in my eyes. not just added melee weapons. which should have been in the first game btw. And It should be in development for more than a year. I can go on and give u examples if you want me to.

pixelsword3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

Sterling's just a pouting fanboy. L4D2, while not an expansion is not a "part 2" in any respect. It does not innovate. In reality, it's a MOD in every sense of the word.

@ Parapraxis;

it was the story, posted so those who didn't want to see it could read it. If you could actually read it before commenting I would appreciate it. :)

ThanatosDMC3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

360 games are way overpriced for a dvd. Gamers should complain about this BS. Should be $49.99 rather than $59.99.

gameplayer3131d ago

L4D2 is DLC? Really? This is really the game you are all choosing to complain about? Seriously? I'll start taking you guys seriously when I see you complaining in threads about the following games:
College Hoops 2Kx
Fifa Soccer 'xx
Fight Night Round x
Football Manager 20xx
Madden NFL 'xx
Major League Baseball 2Kx
Moto GP 'xx
Nascar 'xx
NBA Live 'xx
NCAA Basketball 'xx
NCAA Football 'xx
NHL 'xx
Pro Evolution Soccer 20xx
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 'xx
And that's just the sports games!

TheDeadMetalhead3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

I opened this page to say "in b4 "BAAAAW PS3 FANBOYS BAAAAW ;____;"", but the first comment beat me to it.

Obviously it's not possible that 360/PC ownere might have been dissatisfied with it. No,it's all PS3 owners. /sarcasm

sparta763131d ago

I'm an idiot!!!
I own l4d and Ive said it wasn't worth 60 bucks
I got l4d2 same day it came out cause all the great review.
Guess what?
Still Not worth 60 bucks!!!!

Sub4Dis3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

i don't see anyone calling MW2 an expansion. and if there's any series that constantly recycles the same crap on the same crappy engine every year, it's CoD.


so you really are an idiot. not cuz you agree it's an expansion...but because you paid money for a sequel to a game you didn't really like just because of hype.

DR0Z03131d ago

I think a lot of people are angry about L4D2 because they bought L4D1 with the promise that there would be DLC (new maps, new monsters, guns, etc) - and didn't get it. Instead they got a stand-alone "sequel" 12 months after they shelled out $60 for what felt like an incomplete game. So after spending a total of $120 for L4D1+2 for the full experience, I can see how people would say that they could have had the same experience with L4D1 + DLC like they were promised.

I think Destructoid is misunderstanding why L4D2 is being called an expansion. I think people are calling it an expansion because it's simply expanding on the experience that they had with L4D1 and not offering anything revolutionary. I don't think they mean it's an expansion in the traditional sense of the word.

vhero3131d ago

Wow these guys call themselves journalists? You cant come out with drabble like this and call yourself a journalist pure and simple. The end of the day people have opinions. The game is exactly the same as the first with new maps etc.. Exactly what you would get in an expansion pack. No new major graphics overhaul or anything. It really is basically everything you would get in an expansion pack.

Seems 360 owners really are getting the rough end of the stick this year. The fact is they had no good games coming out 2009 minus Forza so L4D2 and Halo was rushed and only half a game was released and this is what happens. No doubt it was doubt to pressure from MS to boost sales for Christmas for their consoles. Imagine if neither this nor Halo had come out in time for Christmas? So fans feel they get DLC rather than a full game simply because the developers never got time to make a full game.

Shepherd 2143131d ago

yea this article is pretty spot on. Anyone who thinks this game is an expansion is indeed and idiot.

God of War 2, various Socom titles, MGS 2 and 3, these and many more use the same game engines as their first title, and these and many more do not have massive graphical upgrades. People complain that L4D2 is an exoansion, but by this standard, so is God of War 2 and many, many, many other sequels.

BWS19823131d ago

many people are/were claiming MW2 should have been DLC because of the level of progression from COD4. I haven't played L4D2 or MW2 so I can't comment personally, but many people were saying both should have been given as DLC packs for half the retail price they're out at for now.

Danny Dan3131d ago

"L4D2 isn't an expansion anymore than 90% of sequels are "expansions". Can anybody please define what is an expansion and what is a legitimate sequel?"

To add more to this and my own input with my own experience. Now I know UC2 gets enough praise around here but if there is any title out there that set the bar with how a "sequel" should be, its Uncharted 2.

It is graphically better, story is better, gameplay is better, they added multiplayer online and that in itself should be called a sequel. Everything has been "upgraded" to the next level.

Some of these games coming out recently aren't sequels but more like expansions. If its VERY similar to the first with not much of a difference, with same graphics, short campaign, etc it is going to be considered an expansion. Halo: ODST, Modern Warfare 2 and L4D2 are just some.

blogz4fanboyzz3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

is he fact that the sony fanturds were having a party last week when it was announced that the latest pro-evolution-soccer had sold more on the ps3, yet line up to criticize l4d2. i'm certain the same thing happened with fifa2010 aswell.

yet all sports games are just yearly sequels, with a roster update!! i'll be looking forward to their hate for next batch of sports titles aswell. infact i mite save this thread to show the idiots.

now watch the disagrees. i've got 30minutes before i have to do some diy for the missus, i'll find the thread if you idiots want??

hypocritical, no-life, loser, fanturds are just a few words that can be used to descibe most of the sony fanatic jihadists on here

baum3131d ago

"hypocritical, no-life, loser, fanturds are just a few words that can be used to descibe most of the sony fanatic jihadists on here"


harrisk9543131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

"most of these people are n4g ps3 fanboys so who cares."

Actually, Invisible Walls podcast on Gametrailers feels that this is like L4D 1.5 (in other words like an expansion pack)... They recommend a rent if you have already played the original L4D and that, even though there is some new content, it is the same game and many will feel ripped off by L4D2.

That's coming from Gametrailers! (which gave the game a great review, btw!)

Guido3131d ago

Same basic game with different levels, slightly polished graphics and a few new weapons. Game modes and such included, it is an expansion but then again, isn't any sequel an expansion these days?

MagicAccent3131d ago

Well.. I'd say that pretty much everything that the article just described, apart from the '[Game] 2', is content that usually come with an expansion.
It's still an awesome purchase however.

Also, do these so called "journalists" think they are deserving of more hit if they curse and whine alot? Come on.

bjornbear3131d ago

correction: most people who COMMENT are ps3 fanboys sure, but many don't because they just read and don't wish to dwell with childrends matters.

i do because i have a bad habit of speaking my mind, regardless of how immature the matter (i control myself sometimes thankfully)

however, you're following a fad now. now its cool to think "n4g is full of ps3 fanboys buuhuuu"

well, if it bothers you so much, leave.

lowcarb3131d ago

What I want to know is since when did PS3 fanboys get to decide what was a full game or an expansion? I really hope gamers that read these threads don't take any of there reaching for attention ulterior motive comments serious. The problem with 360 has always been it's reliability while the PS3 has always been it software and service. 2009 sucked for 360 when you think about it but 2009 will be a much better year.

mastiffchild3131d ago

I felt hugely ripped off by the first L4D on 360 if I'm honest. For a full price retail game on a disc I expect a decent SP(not just some training for online)and similar, if not identical, support to what the PC version has. I've less issues with it on PC as we got it cheaper(I paid less than half than what I did for the poor 360 version)AND there was all the usual community support(mods and more)and the support from Valve was more forthcoming too. There's just nopt enough content in the console version for these reasons and paying extra for something that performs far worse technically and gets no support at all is a bit rish, imo. Always shocked me how many PS3 only gamers were jealous of the 360 gamers over this as I think we who bought it for the 360 shoul be complaining to Valve and MS for having too pay extra for a far weaker game than what we get on PC. Why couldn't we be allowed to import mods at least when Sony lets us on UT3 which was a lot less successful than L4D?

IDK if you should call L4D2 an expansion or a sequel to be honest anyway. It's hard calling iot a tue sequel when there's no real story in either much less than this being a follow on to the first episode. It's certainly a bigger out of the box [ppackage than the first, though, which is something but things like extra skins and new levels could have been doone more imaginatively by modders anyway-I've played mods on PC more interesting than the new Valve ones and I'm not alone in feeling this way. On PC it's bit ripe because we could do similar with the first game through mods and the upgrades either dall into that boat OR should maybe have been in the first game anyway. On 360 there's more point to it as it's a better value package but, again, without support you end up paying more for fewer options and a lower quality running and looking game.

HAD Valve introduced a real SP campaign(or true co-op campaign) with a real story, plot and set pieces, great acting and a fantastic script noone would have moaned once but with the kind of new content they've gone for they haven't managed to quell those who feel it's just pretty easy money for Valve. They aren't alone in this boat but maybe because many PC gamers feel closer to Valve and trust them a little more to listen to us and provide value it's a little more shocking and that's why it's been getting the attention, IDK. Whatever, a SP to augment the great stuff online would enhance it all no end and give some reference for the shooty shooty fun online.

With no real engine advances, no massive performance boost and the short between game timing it seems very much like they knew this would be quick and, for Valve, easy cash. The mechanics of it are still amazing and it's great fun esp on PC./ However, as a console game it lacks the sparkle and community features which make it so great on PC AND we pay more for the dubious privelege. Update or sequel? Neither for me as it's still a lot of content(more than L4D had for starters)for any kind of expansion and clearly a lot of work went into it even if it's no great departure from the original-but it's that kind of issue that also stops it being a true sequel for me.

Maybe if they'd called it L4D part two or Episode2? All this said I feel the sports games need to be done differently as they rip EVERYONE off every single year! Maybe a full prive release every other year with an update available as a patch or cut prive disc in between on the off year for player changes and rule changes and little tweaks to gameplay which might allow more work on the biannual true updated release, no? Whatever, it's unfair to single out Valve(even if it SHOULD price L4D1 and 2 in line with most other online only games like Warhawk)when this practise of borderline "sequels" is so common.

Anon19743131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

And Destructoid continues it's descent into mediocrity.
So instead of seeking to inform people, Destructoid sets out to offend. I didn't even bother with this article just based on the title. What a joke.

Let's think about this for a second. L4D2, right out of the gate had been criticized for not having enough content and for being released too quickly. It had been stated that L4D2 should have been released as DLC.

Now, instead of setting the record straight, what does Destructoid do? They slap gamers in the face and insult them right off the bat. How dare gamers read articles online and form opinions based on those articles! How stupid of them!

F**k you Destructoid. I don't care if you have a point or not. I know that L4D2 is a great game. I've read the reviews but there are plenty of gamers out there who might not have read the reviews, who might not know that the previous articles were off the mark. Are they to be condemned for the sin of simply reading and forming opinions on what they've read?

I'll take my game news from sites that don't belittle their readers for opinions, even incorrect opinions, they might have.

Edit below: I wouldn't know. I'm not going to read an article, any article, that sets out to belittle gamers from the start.

velaxun3131d ago

As if none of you figured out that this article was complete satire....

sparta763131d ago

Are u personally calling me an idiot!?!?
I got l4d2 cause of the great reviews it got!
Not cause hype, you fuvking tard!!!!
And I'm sure I'm not the only one. Alot of poeple rely on these reviews.
But the said part is alot of these reviewers give games a free pass.

velaxun3131d ago

You guys need to chill. Sterling is known for writing flamebait satire. Don't get your panties all up in a thong and clean the sand out. He's making fun of all of you, from both sides. Relax

TotalPS3Fanboy3131d ago

Anyone who knows L4D2 is an expansion is a genius.

Sub4Dis3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

the first one got great reviews too and you didn't really like it.

and what do you think hype is???

before i wasn't actually calling you an idiot but rather agreeing with the first line of your original comment. but now that i can see that you don't realize when someone is playing off your comment, you don't know the definition of hype (though i'm sure you'll look it up on dictionary dot com now and post it here in a pathetic attempt to make a clever comeback), AND you bought a sequel to a game that you didn't like...yes...yes i definitely am calling you that. or rather...still agreeing with you.

Nikuma3131d ago

Destructoid author of this article is OFFICIALLY an idiot. How retarded do you have to be to come to the defense of a expansion worthy game that is selling as a full retail release. "YES Valve please rape my wallet for the same game I bought one year ago with your overpriced rehash!!!! I love getting raped!!" God what a freaking idiot...

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n4gn4gn4gn4g3132d ago

writing a flame bait article?

Say it ain't so.

waltercross3132d ago

By calling everyone who disagrees with him an Idiot, I'd
have to agree, Pure flamebait.

GiantEnemyCrab3132d ago

Seems to me the idiots here are the ones who claim/claimed it's nothing more than expansion without even playing the game.

The idiots started this one and yup.. considering it's a whole new game and nothing like an expansion, idiots indeed.

RememberThe3573132d ago

Then it seems idiot are calling other people idiots. But I guess it's cool to be a hypocrite on the internet.

el zorro3132d ago

No, calling out idiots doesn't make one an idiot. Acting like an idiot is what makes one an idiot. People calling L4D2 an expansion are acting like idiots. Ergo...

Obama3131d ago

"Seems to me the idiots here are the ones who claim/claimed it's nothing more than expansion without even playing the game. "

I have played both and l4d2 really seems like an expansion despite some of the improvements.

Redlogic3131d ago

i visit Destructiod a lot and its not bias in the the least. It seems the only people calling L4D2 an expansion are ps3 owners who shouldn't even care anyhow. So stop pretending things seem one way if they are not. Then there would be no such things as flamebait if people would keep shut.

velaxun3131d ago

Seems to me the idiots are the ones not realizing the article is pure satire...

r2kcipher3131d ago

I have a hard time believing it is satire. They gave the game a 9.5.

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LastPlaceConsole3132d ago

Yes at this point we all know Droids = Idiots

move on

blitz06233132d ago

in fact, it's even less than an actual expansion

NecrumSlavery3132d ago

Its a disappointment. that's for sure

baum3132d ago

Xtards are... well, tards :) I had to explain because you are... you know, a tard. XD

3131d ago
Douchefella13131d ago

I sold my Uncharted 2 and bought Left4Dead 2.

I don't regret it.

Left4Dead 2 is way more fun than Uncharted 2, and offers tons of replay value.

Uncharted 2, yeah great, but I lost interest in it after a week of playing. While I could play Left4Dead 2 many months, and still not get bored with it.

And it's a sequel idiots. It's called Left 4 Dead 2. That means it's a sequel.

3131d ago
Douchefella13131d ago

PSN ID: King_Cush

Right now on PS3 i'm playing Dead Space, and on PC i'm playing Left4Dead 2.

Uncharted 2 is boring no offence.

3131d ago
baum3131d ago

"Uncharted 2 is boring no offence. "

Well, that's expected from proven Xtards like you, not really news. Nobody cares what you say, everyone's enjoying Uncharted a lot. L4D2, another uninspired generic shooter that gets the free pass because it's 360 exclusive, lmfao.

Douchefella13131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

PS3 fanboys are so stupid and ignorant.

Here i'm saying that I have a PS3, I tell them my PSN ID, so they can add me and check that I have.

But still they keep saying that i'm a bot.

What do you except from idiots.


And everyone is enjoying Left4Dead2. I played that game the whole day yesterday. and I will play today also when i'm done with my homework.

And all you do Baum is trying to say to people that it is a expansion. NO0BODY CARES. EVEN IF IT IS EXPANSION, IT'S STILL GREAT, AND I'M ENJOYING IT.

3131d ago
Douchefella13131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

I play games for fun, not for achievements or trophies. I only do that when I feel for it. And I don't really have the time or the patience to get platinium on all of my games.

And if you did not notice. I have Dead Space and Metal Gear Solid 4. Those kind of games is not for kids. Dead Space is survival horror and Metal Gear Solid 4 is very heavy on story. Kids don't buy or play those kind of games.

I liked Uncharted 2. I think it's a great game. It's just that it was getting boring after a while. I was bored of it.

I like PS3 exclusives. I like Metal Gear Solid 4, Heavenly Sword, LittleBigPlanet, Resistance... the list goes on.

And for LittleBigPlanet. I don't have LittleBigPlanet trophies, because I made a new account called King_Cush. I had plenty of LittleBigPlanet trophies on my old PSN account. But on my new, I haven't played the game on my new account, so therefore I have no LitteBigPlanet trophies. I hope you understand what I mean.

EDIT: And the reason i'm hating the PS3 on this site much is because this site is full of PS3 fanboys. I love making them mad. I do it only for fun, and it's working. I love the PS3, but I like to annoy fanboys, because I think they are stupid and fun to irritate.

3131d ago
Jerk1203131d ago

Michael, shut the **** up. You're an idiot (just like this article does a good job at stating). And change your damn username, you're a complete insult to Michael Jackson himself.

You went in there, accused him of being a bot, which he CLEARLY proved wrong. And now you have the nerve to call him a kid when you're the one that aren't MAN enough to accept the fact that YOU WERE WRONG.

So he thinks that Uncharted 2 is boring. What? Is that impossible now? There can't possibly be anyone in this world that dislikes Uncharted 2/the Uncharted franchise and thinks that the game itself is boring? I mean, if they do, by your logic, either they're trolling or they're a bot that hasn't ever played it. Because apparently EVERYONE that has played it thinks otherwise. Listen, shows what you know.

You have a completely immature mindset.

Don't go around calling people ''stupid'' or ''kid'' ever again.

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ZombieAutopsy3132d ago, but not much of an improvement kinda like Mw2 (both games are good but like i said its not much of an improvement). But it is a destructiod article so i don't give it much credit.

Ninji3132d ago

People saying that L4D2 is an expansion are just trying to cheer up the gullible people who bought a rehash. It's better to call it an expansion than what it is (a rehash) so they don't think they threw their money away. The game is already being sold less than the original price now and it will get even lower in about a week from now.