Modern Warfare 2 PC Review on NGN

New Game Network writes: "Let down by the inconsistent, stripped down multiplayer experience that held some really good promise. Single player is short with some interesting story twists."

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Madusha3071d ago

Very nice review, well written.

VonAlbrecht3071d ago

One who isn't affected by all the glitz and glam, good stuff. Tells it how it is.

Digitaldude3071d ago

This review=stunningly accurate.
Why is it that on Metacritic it always starts off at its highest point and when time goes on it ALWAYS fall in average.
Hmm i wonder.. *cough* Hype...

OrganicMachine3071d ago

the hype train has to slow down some how..

table3071d ago

PC gamers always seem to know the score unlike than the blind sheep console gamers.

HDgamer3071d ago

I wonder why this isn't the score for the console versions lol. This is pretty much accurate

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