PSN to be basis of Sony iTunes rival, accounts top 33 million

In addition to confirming 3D gaming for the PlayStation 3 was coming in 2010, yesterday's Sony Corp. global strategy presentation also revealed that a premium subscription service will be added to the PlayStation Network. Those two initiatives were revealed as part of a far larger vision which will see Sony try and overtake rival Apple's iTunes service with a common content distribution system for all its media products.

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saint_john_paul_ii3192d ago

if they want to compete with Apple's Itunes service, then they need a music store on there. it would be perfect for the PSP, not to mention, bring in the app store as well.

jeanm33063192d ago

An app store would kill the pc market, if not kill the pc market would lose share.

Sangria3192d ago

As long as their iTunes is not crappy like their SonicStage...

DARKrage343192d ago

A Sony iTunes would be GOLDEN...^

The only problem will be functionality... it needs to be a smooth experience (remember SonyConnect?) Unfortunately, that didn't survive before, but Sony can make a strong comeback this time.

elcompa4253192d ago

I said something like this yesterday, how they will implement it across all their products seeing that most of their items already have some sort of XMB, AWESOME!!!