Microsoft stands firm in face of possible lawsuit over Xbox Live bans

Financial reports:

Microsoft Corp. has responded to a possible class-action lawsuit over banning up to one million Xbox 360 consoles from accessing its online gaming service, arguing the company is well within its rights to ban users from Xbox Live.

U.S. law firm Abington IP recently announced on its website that it's considering filing a class-action lawsuit over Microsoft's worldwide crackdown on modified Xbox 360 consoles by booting them from the Xbox Live online network. The firm is asking those interested in joining the suit to contact them.

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komp3161d ago

Oh well, MS will soon put the word HALO in front of the word ban and everybody will then want one.

HALOban coming 2010.

Saaking3161d ago

Eh, if it gets too band MS will just settle out of court. They really don't have much to worry about.

Darkfocus3161d ago

ya Microsoft can easily afford to settle out of court its basically there tactic for any case that garners to much bad publicity even if they had a chance of winning in court.

Elven63161d ago

Worst attempt at trolling ever, at least 6 months ago with fanboys on this site it was creative and kinda sorta bearable.

Bonsai12143161d ago

i personally think Microsoft made the right decision by banning, but i disagree with banning the console. they should have banned the accounts instead.

RockmanII73161d ago

It's not that hard to make another account.

hmmmm3161d ago

Why would they just ban the accounts? The whole idea of banning a modded console is to stop said modded console from being used, which stops them from using pirated games on it..

TotalPS3Fanboy3160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )

and also stops use them from using cheaper third party accessories, while forcing them to buy a new 360, and forcing them to buy expensive first party accessories.

another great way to screw over 360 gamers.

Lightsaber3160d ago

I cant believe any lawyer would even take this case. Seriously your goin to get a bunch of people to stand up and court and tell the judge that they think they are with in their rights to to illegally mod their xbox and illegally pirate games ? If I was the judge I have throw the case out instantly and have everyone them arrest and locked away for as long as possible.

TheFreak3160d ago

some people that mod their xbox still buy games. Like a guy I work with got banned. He went home after buying codmw2 was about to play it online and BAM he was banned. He has a modded console but buy the games he plays on it, just makes backup copies so the original wont wear out. Is it fair that he got banned? So there microsoft lost one consumer witch will now stick to his wii and ps3.

When you buy a product it is in your legal right to do whatever you want to do with that product as long as it is not illegal. Modding a console is not illegal only playing pirated games on a modded console is illegal.....

hmmmm3160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )

Yes you are right...modding your console is not illegal. But connecting to Xbox Live with a modded console is against the ToS for Xbox Live so your Xbox will be banned from Xbox Live..

Oh and TotalPS3Fanbaby, why don't you go cry some more..

TheFreak3160d ago

yes true that, but you are not only banned from live. Your console looses functions that has nothing to do with live.

hmmmm3160d ago

Yeah i see that you lose a couple of other things like windows media player etc. but i guess the main thing is no more live :)

TotalPS3Fanboy3159d ago (Edited 3159d ago )

"Oh and TotalPS3Fanbaby, why don't you go cry some more.."

I was going to cry for them, but then I finally realized: you know, if they want to get screw over again and again by Microsoft, then I should be happy for them, because they're happy. They love that abusive sh*t. And no one, even me, can stop their love of screwed-nage.

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n4gn4gn4gn4g3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

to do this (maybe they should have made their system more secure in the first place) the ARE within their rights via the Terms of Service.

As an aside can I say how refreshing it is to see a real news source for once instead of all the crappy blogs and psuedo 'news' sites that are normally referenced around here.

Godmars2903161d ago

They might be within their rights, but the timing is questionable. That and the way its been done so they've restricted access to a paid subscription but don't have to return payments because the subscriptions themselves are unaffected is a bit doggy.

If they were planning on banning a million consoles, a claim they're denying now that "lawsuit" is being tossed around, there really should have been a heads up. A chance to offer amnesty much less a "this console is in violation to ToS and will be banned!" notice through XBL a few days before it happened.

Johnny Rotten3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

The key phrase here is "banned from LIVE", pirates will still continue to burn single player games and developers will continue to loose out on revenue. Now that Microsoft is happy with people buying new systems the question should be did they actually stop piracy? Microsoft did nothing to help developers, but hey at least they can brag about "the sales" over the holidays.

A pirate will continue to pirate because they see it as an investment, $200 for an arcade is peanuts when all next years games are free.

RockmanII73161d ago

They helped games that focus on multiplayer. MW2, L4D2, and ODST(Reach beta) all come to mind.

No FanS Land3161d ago

At first I thought that it would be a dumb article but while reading it, I realized that the class action lawsuit has a solid argument, hinting that MS waited to ban during the launch period of MW2.

Game13a13y3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

then they are playing the wrong game. pirates are people who don't want to spend money, or have the money, to buy videogames. this move by MS will only generate more hates and other legal problems to themselves rather than attracting more sales. the fact that MS doesn't have the technology (Blu-ray) to protect themselves from piracy is a lose-lose situation for them.

red2tango3161d ago

Agree and disagree.

Bluray does help with the fact that exclusive games are too large to download, and that the technology is too expensive. But you can rip Blurays, and with the PS3 custom firmware approaching launch, that argument won't hold up.

On topic, Microsoft did this on purpose to generate more sales. I heard that it backfired on them and that PS3 sales went up, but that's debatable or for others to fully research.


Some pirates do in fact buy games...its just some they don't...I had a modded 360 bought games....

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