Valve Bans Gray-Market Modern Warfare 2 Keys

Kotaku writes: Some who bought CD keys for Modern Warfare 2 - no physicial media in other words - from import resellers have seen their access to the game vanish, as Activision has apparently asked Valve to ban such keys.

A poster in Valve's official forums complained that a key he bought through no longer lets him open and play the game. A Valve representative, BurtonJ, called such sales "illegitimate" and confirmed the ban. He recommends buying a full version of the game - maybe through Steam? Hint hint.

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Darkfocus3192d ago

I think the first comment on Kotaku sums it up nicely

"If Activision sells a working code to any retailer, they loose the right to approve the person who buys it at that retailer. It is not that complicated of a legal situation.

But Activision also knows that nobody will take a $40 purchase to the court. Which is why they get away with it playing dirty. Somebody should really sue them for some killer punitive damage for stepping on customer rights like that."

Pandamobile3192d ago

God damn Activision. Everything they do is retarded and dastardly.

Digitaldude3192d ago

Why is there a valve on the back of the guys head.

Pandamobile3191d ago

Because that's Valve's logo.

Digitaldude3191d ago

Yeah i know its the logo, saw it ever since counter strike, but why?

Arnon3191d ago

Maybe because it's a valve that opens our minds to the great community features that allow us to not only mod our games, but make games using their tools?

That's my interpretation of it.

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JD_Shadow3192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

Aw, c'mon, Activision. How many times are you gonna try to alienate EVERYONE that has ever enjoyed your games?

solar3192d ago

seems like they are alienating only one demographic of their fanbase if you ask me.

Baka-akaB3192d ago

Hell even that alienated part is buying the game like junkies in needs of a fix ... wich is sad .

I remember the whole n4g pc community up in arms over the title , for many good reasons i happen to agree with , and yet i'm guessing only a dozen a few at most or so , went through the boycott .

And those that did still corrupted themselves with with pirated copy ... a fix is a fix , stolen or not .

rextyrann3192d ago

i really hope a few more people are encountering similar problems. that would lead some specialized lawfirms to make a collected law suit against activision which hopefully will lead to them being punished really hard money wise. cuz i dont think thats actually within their legal terms. most definitely not.

i never played cod or anything activision published so far i think. as do lots of my gamerbuddies. we are all more into rts and blizzard stuff.
but i was considering to buy or at least try out mw2 after all that hype (last shooter was cs i think?). after this now i will rethink my consideration really hard. i dont like companies who treat consumers like garbage. and i have better stuff to spend my earned money and precious time on than supporting firms like that. and i hope other people also do take the same route...

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